Newman Dunn
18 Nov 171 4- bef Oct 1762
Northampton Co, VA to Craven Co, North Carolina

1699-1706 Order Book Part 1 - Northumberland Co Va; Hamrick: Pg 278

Northumberland County Court - 17th of Feb'y An'o 1703/4
Capt. John Tarply and Eliz'th his wife Exec'x of Walter Dunn dec'ed brings Scire facias ag't the Estate of M'r John Farnefold for five hundred and Ten pounds of Tobb'o due by Ord'r of Court dated the twenty first day of June 1699 the said former Order is Confirmed And Ordered that Maj. Rodham Kenner, Capt. Peter Hack, M'r Christ'r Neale, M'r John Haynie and Thomas Hobson Exec's of the said M'r Farnefold pay the same out of the said Dec'eds Estate unto the said Tarply and his wife in their said Quality with former and p[re]sent Costs al's Ex'o.

William Dunn sold 200 acres of land inherited from Alex. Newman for 5 s. to John Tarpley, Richmond Co., Va. Oct. 1, 1712. Deed Book 6, pg. 67.

Farnham Parish Register, Richmond Co., Va.
Dun, Elizabeth daughter of William and Anne Dun, b. April 2, 1711
Dun, Newman son of William and Anne Dun, Nov. 18, 1714
Dun, Ann Douglas daughter of William and Anne Dunn, b. Nov. 15, 1716

Newman Dunn m. Martha Carey, daughter of Thomas Carey, Mr. Pleasant, Dobbs County, NC
in 1735.

Records of Craven Co., NC, show Newman Dunn a large landholder.

Colonial Records of North Carolina

Roster of the field officers in Craven County - No Author - 1756 - Volume 22, Pages 316-317 - A list of the Field Officers, Captains and Subalterns in the Regiment of Craven, with the Date of their Commissions, and the Number of Men in each Company, including Officers; which List, when compleat, is to be returned to His Excellency, the Governor: Lt. Newman Dunn

Muster roll for Arthur Johnston's company of the Craven County Militia - No Author - March 05, 1757 - Volume 22, Pages 392-393 - The List of the Company warn’d to the private Muster under Capt. Arthur Johnston the 5th Day of March, 1757, and warn’d to the General Muster April the 19th, 1757. Newman & William Dunn

Newman Dunn died before October Court 1762 in Craven County, NC and left minor children William, John, Mary, Walter (Sr.), Newman and Ann. Martha Dunn was his Admin'x. She married Caleb Poyner before 1766. Newman, John and Mary were bound to a William Dunn. Walter (Sr.) was bound to John Miller, his age 12 years. Ann was bound to a John Dunn. The men the children were bound to were likely brothers of Newman.

Walter Dunn (Sr.) throughout this page was father of Walter Dunn Jr. (1788-1850) in Lenoir County. At some time Walter (Sr.) migrated to Lenoir County where he died before July 1841.

Newman Dunn Craven County Records, 1745-1758

Craven County, NC Register of Deeds

8 Apr 1763 - This Indenture made the 8th day of April in the year of our Lord 1763, Witnesseth that John Williams, Esq. the residing Chairman of the Inferior Court of Craven County have put and pond Walter Dunn (Sr.), an orphan of Newman Dunn, aged 12 years, an appointee to John Miller of the said county with him to dwell, reside and save until he the said appointee shall arrive at the age of 21 years according to the Act of Assembly in that case made and provided during all which time the said appointee, his said master faithfully save in all lawful business and orderly and obediently in all things behave himself toward his said master, for and during the said term as an appointee aught to do, and the said John Miller do covenant, promise and agree to and with the said John Williams, Esq., and his successors that he the said John Miller will provide and allow his said appointee convenient and sufficient meat, drink, lodging and apparel, and use his best endeavors to interest him in the art of calling of a Taylor, and also teach him to read and write before the expiration of his appointeeship.
Witnesses: P. Ambrose and John Dudly.

November, 1763 - Know all men by these presents that we William Dunn, William Spaight and Isaac Barrington all of Craven County and province of North Carolina are jointly and severally held and firmly bound unto the worshipful justices of Craven County aforesaid in the sum of three hundred pounds proclomation money to be paid to the said justices and their successors to which payment well and truly to be made and done we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this fifteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty three:

Whereas the above bound William Dunn has been appointed guardian of Numan Dunn, John Dunn and Mary Dunn, orphans of Newman Dunn (Sr.) of Craven County aforesaid.

Now the condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound in William Dunn, do well and truly bring up Numan Dunn, John Dunn and Mary Dunn during their minority and non age with necessary meat, drinks, washing and lodging, apparrell and learning according to their degree and shall during the time of minority or non age, be guardian and tutor to the said Numan, John and Mary Dunn, from loss of goods and lands, so far as in his power lyeth, and all such portions as shall fall due to the said Numan Dunn, John Dunn and Mary Dunn, of the goods and chattles of Numan Dec'd or of the goods and chattles of any other persons according to the inventory or any otherways whatsoever, if the said William Dunn do and shall well and truly pay and deliver unto the said Newman Dunn, John Dunn and Mary Dunn, when they shall attain to the age of twenty one, or shall be married and also and shall to the utmost of his power, secure and preserve the estate and effects of the said Newman Dunn, John Dunn and Mary Dunn, from all loss or waste whatsoever during the time that he shall be guardian of the said Numan Dunn, John Dunn and Mary Dunn, and do and shall from time to time during the time of his being guardian, as often as thereto required, render and deliver to the justices aforesaid, a true and just account of his diction and guardianship, aforesaid and do and shall at all times save, harmless and keep indemnified, the Governor or Commander in Chief of this Province of North Carolina, and the justices aforesaid, then this obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue.
William Dunn {Seal}
Isaac (his + mark) Barrington {Seal}
Witness: Isaac Patridge.

Newman Dunn Estate Papers - NC Archives

Estate Division, 1764 - Division of the Estate of Newman Dunn Dec'd & John Dunn Guardian of Ann Dunn his Admn. Settled.

NC Archives - Cr 028.508.41

Walter Dunn (Sr.) by John Miller his Guardian vs. Caleb Poyner and Martha his wife. Pet'n for Distributive share of N. Dunn's Estate to October Court 1766. Images NC Archives

October 1766 - Craven County - October Inferior Court 1766

To the Worshipful his Majestys Justices of the Inferior Court for Craven County aforesaid. The Humble Petition of Walter Dunn (Sr.) by John Miller his guardian.

Sheweth that on the (blank) day of Novem'r in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty one Newman Dunn father of your Petitioner was possessed of sundry horses, mares, colts, cows, calves, hoggs, house hold good, sums of money, outstanding debts &c of the value of (blank) proclamation money, and after (that is to say) some time in the year aforesaid died intestate and possessed as aforesaid of the said goods and chattels aforesaid and left behind him at his said decease six children that is to say William, John, Mary, Walter (Sr.), Newman & Ann.

And afterwards that is to say on the (blank) day of (blank) in the year (blank) a certain settlement was made on the personal estate of your Petitioner's deceased father, by which said settlement made aforesaid by James Davis Esq'r & John Granade.

After the necessary charges and expenses in the administration of the same, there remained as each child's distribution share of said estate the sum of twenty pounds proclamation money then being in the hands of the Administratrix who intermarried with a certain Caleb Poyner who became entitled to the administration of the estate of y'r Petitioner's dec'd father in right of his wife.

And now so it is, may it please your worships the said Caleb Poyner and Martha his wife Adm'r & Adm'x aforesaid the said sum of twenty pounds or any part thereof to your Petitioner hath not paid, although often required, but the same to pay hath refused, and still doth refuse.

Wherefore y'r Petitioner prays judgement against the said Caleb Poyner and Martha his wife for the same with costs. And your Petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray &c.

Walter Dunn by John }
Miller his Guardian }

January 1768 - The Inventory of the Goods and Chattels of Newman Dunn Dec'd Registered in Book No. 3, Page 256.

Craven County, NC Register of Deeds

March 4, 1775 - William Dunn to brother Walter Dunn (Sr.) one piece or parcel of land on the north side of Neuse River west side of North West Creek being a patent granted to Newman Dunn 27 Mar 1754 100 acres. Witnesses were John Ingles and John Dunn.
William Dunn {Seal}
Sarah Dunn {Seal}.
Recorded: June 1775

March 17, 1775 - Walter Dunn (Sr.) sold to John Ingles for twenty five pounds proclamation money one tract or parcel of land on the north side of Neuse River on the west of North West Creek bordering Jacob Reasonovers 100 acres land granted by patent to Newman Dunn.
Witnesses were William Dunn & Elias Justice.
Recorded: June 1775