Newman Dunn in Craven County, NC 1745-1758

Colonial Records - Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council March 26, 1751 - March 30, 1751
Volume 04, Pages 1237-1242

1751 - At a Council held at the Council Chamber in New Bern the 26th day of March 1751
Newman Dunn for 100 (acres) in Craven.

Craven County, NC Court Minutes
by Weynette Parks Haun


17 Mar 1746 - #511. Newman Dun exhibited in court an Invy. of the goods & effect of Wm. Morgan Dec'd and proved the same according to law.

16 Sep 1746 - #540. Ordered that Newman Dunn set up to sale the goods & effect of Wm. Morgan Dec'd and make return the acct. of such sale to the next court.


13 Feb 1753 - #145. Sarah Fulsher widow and relect of Benjamin Fulsher Dec'd as nearest of kin moved the court for Lrs. of Admn. on the said Benjamin Fulsher estate which on her entering into bond in the sum of 400 with Jacob Taylor and Newman Dunn her security was granted ordered that Mr. Secretary have notice thereof that Letters of Administration may issue accordingly.

Feb 1755 - #8d. A deed of sale from Newman Dunn to Hezekiah Johnston for 25 acres of land in Craven County was acknowledged in open court by the said Newman Dunn. Let it be registered.

A deed of sale from John Reasonover to Newman Dunn of 260 acres of land in Craven County was proved in open court on the oath of Wm Carruthers Junr. Evidence thereto and ordered to be registered.

Grand Jury - Newman Dunn

May 1755 - Newman Dunn produced in open court an inventory of the Esta. of Joseph Bembridge dec'd and ordered it to be filed.

Nov 1755 - A deed of sale from Newman Dunn to Robt. Carruthers of a lot in sd. town No. 204 was proved in open court by the oath of Saml. Pacy evidence thereto and ordered to be registered.


Feb 1758 - Grand Jury - #20. Newman Dunn

Feb 1755 - Craven County Court ordered Abrigail Bambridge an infant be put under the care of Newman Dunn at the request of Jas. Benbridge and that David Guard who now has the child in his custody deliver her up accordingly and that the sd. N: Dunn take into his posession what goods & effects of Joseph Bembridge decd. He can find in the hands of any person whatever & preserve the same & return an accot. Of wt. He shall so receive to the next court. (Haun, Vol IV, pg. 108).

New Bern District Court Civil Action Papers - NC Archives reference DSCR.206.325.1 - Folder: Supreme Court of Justice 1755-1758

1757-1758 - George Campbell against Joseph Carruthers: Campbell charges that Elias Legardere delivered the following slaves, belonging to Campbell to Carruthers: Woman, Priscilla; Girl, Rachel; Boy, Charles; Boy, Ben. These slaves were to be delivered to Campbell by Carruthers when requested, but Carruthers did not do so. Carruthers stated that he did not have the slaves in his possession. Jury of David Dunn, Newman Dunn, Josiah Ridgway, Henry Inse, Edward Gatlin, Junr., Moses Houston, James Green, Junr., Levin Lane, Joseph Letchworth Senr., William Williams, James Leary found that Carruthers did not detain the Negroes. Date: 14 Mar 1756/March term 1757/March term 1758 - Date of: Slaves allegedly delivered/Suit brought/Suit heard

Craven County, NC Register of Deeds

8 Apr 1763 - This Indenture made the 8th day of April in the year of our Lord 1763, Witnesseth that John Williams, Esq. the residing Chairman of the Inferior Court of Craven County have put and pond Walter Dunn (Sr.), an orphan of Newman Dunn, aged 12 years, an appointee to John Miller of the said county with him to dwell, reside and save until he the said appointee shall arrive at the age of 21 years according to the Act of Assembly in that case made and provided during all which time the said appointee, his said master faithfully save in all lawful business and orderly and obediently in all things behave himself toward his said master, for and during the said term as an appointee aught to do, and the said John Miller do covenant, promise and agree to and with the said John Williams, Esq., and his successors that he the said John Miller will provide and allow his said appointee convenient and sufficient meat, drink, lodging and apparel, and use his best endeavors to interest him in the art of calling of a Taylor, and also teach him to read and write before the expiration of his appointeeship.
Witnesses: P. Ambrose and John Dudly.

Numan, John & Mary Dunn Guardianship, 1763 - Images

Walter Dunn Apprenticeship, 1763 - Image

Craven County, NC - Abstracts of Deed Books 8-10
p 233 - 15 Oct 1763 - William Dunn, William Spaight, Isaac Barrington - Bond for guardians of Numan, John, and Mary Dunn orphans of Newman Dunn