Other Lewis in Johnston/Dobbs/Glasgow County, NC

The following are Lewis males who lived in Greene County, NC from the mid to late 1700's and it is not known if they were related to William Lewis born in 1761. Chances are if they lived in the same county during the same time they were all related in some way but with all the courthouse records burned it cannot be determined to date.

Dobbs Militia (no date) - Reuben Lewis, Private

17 Nov 1753, #324 - William Lewis 400 acres in Johnston on the south side of Contentney Creek adjacent to Curlees lower line running down the creek for Complement. Dobbs County NC Entries and Warrants, 1741-1757 by William L. Murphy. Crown Land Office Land Entry Books.

1754 - A True List Of Capt. Frans. Mackelwain’s Company
Johnston Co., 1754 - Dobbs
William Lewis Wheat Swamp; Benjamin Lewis; William Lewis; John Lewis

10 Oct 1755 - William Lewis 370 acres of land lying in Johnston County on the south side of Contentnea Creek beginning at a pine Wm Curlee's corner on the creek and runs along his line to a hickory in Conners line thence with his line to a red oak on the Creek then to the beginning. NCLandGrants.com - Craven, Johnston & Dobbs County. Bk 13, pg 88. Grant No: 253. Issued: 10 Oct 1755. (The only Curlee land grant found on the south side of Contentnea Creek was on both sides of Mill Creek which empties into Contentnea Creek east of Snow Hill and the Hookerton area.)

Issued 3 Mar 1759 - Thomas Edwards 640 acres in Johnston on the north side of Fort Run and head of Lewis Branch adjacent to Solomon Edwards corner, Solomon Wards corner. NCLandGrants.com; Bk 16, pg 324. (Lewis Branch emptied into Fort Run which emptied into Contentnea Creek on the south side in the Contentnea area).

Issued 3 Mar 1759 - Martin Caswell 250 acres in Johnston on the south side of Great Contentnea upon Edwards Mill Run adjacent to John Suggs line, Thos Edwards line, William Lewis corner, William Hams line, Robert Hills line. NCLandGrants.com; Bk 13, pg 187 Indenture made October 9, 1766 between William Lewis and Mourning Lewis his wife of Dobbs County of the first part and Eleazer Quimby Mariner of the other part, for 16 pounds land in Bertie on the Tumbling Branch which said land was bequeath to Mourning Vanpelt now wife of said William Lewis by her grandfather Hendrick Vanpelt containing 250 acres. Witnesses: John Freeman and James Freeman. Registered: March Court 1767. Bertie County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk L, pg 74. Image

1769 - Dobbs County Taxables
Garland, John - Jacob Lewis, Joseph Whitley
Lewis, Jacob - son Stephen
Lewis, James
Murphy, John Jr - Anthony Lewis

1771 - The Public of North Carolina to Capt. James Brights Company of the Dobbs Militia
No. of Days - Daily Pay - Man's Pay
Jacob Lewis: 2 - 3 - 6
James Lewis: 2 - 2 - 4
Stephen Lewis: 1 - do - 2

Issued 18 Apr 1771 - George Bell 100 acres in Dobbs on Wheat Swamp adjacent to Bells former survey, Joshua Millers line, two of William Lewis lines. LandGrants.com; Bk 20, pg 646; Grant No. 12; Entered: 27 Apr 1770.

1779 - Dobbs County Voter List
Lewis, James

1780 - Dobbs County Provision Tax collected from Capt. John Granger's District
Lewis, Jacob - £400 paid with 4 pecks of Indn Corn
Lewis, James - £400 paid with 4 pecks of Indn Corn
Lewis, Stephen - £400 paid with 4 pecks of Indn Corn
Lewis, Wm. - £400 paid with 4 pecks of Indn Corn

Dobbs County Militia Rolls, 1767-1781
Enlistments in Dobbs County, 1780-81
Volunteers - Captain's Districts - (Substitutes?)
James Lewis - Grainger's

1781 Names of Men over Age Dobbs County, NC
Jacob Lewis

Issued 13 Oct 1783 - Murphy Dixon seven acres in Dobbs on the south side of Contentnea Creek adjacent to McNees corner, William Lewis line, Hamms line. LandGrants.com; Bk 50, pg 53; Grant No: 500; Entered: 1 Jul 1778. (Dixon had land grants at Rainbow Creek.)

1788 - Dobbs County 1788 Vote (1st)
Lewis, Ben, James and Will(iam)

Dobbs County, NC 1790 Census - Lewis
Cadir, 1 M 16 and up, 1 M under 16, 1 F
James, 1 M 16 and up, 1 M under 16, 3 F
John, 1 M 16 and up, 1 F
Stephen, 1 M 16 and up, 1 M under 16, 2 F
Benjamin, 1 M 16 and up, 1 M under 16, 3 F
It appears these men migrated to Robeson County soon after this census as shown in Lewis deeds.

Indenture made August 9, 1793 between William Lewis Junr of Glasgow (Greene) County, NC and William Lewis Senr of Kingston (Horry) County, SC of the first part and Peter Vanpelt of Bertie of the second part, for 225 pounds land in Bertie (only land measurements given) containing 450 acres. Witnesses: Thos Granbery and Simon Vanpelt. Registered: Nov'r Term 1793. Bertie County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk P, pg 448. Image