Walter Dunn Sr.
(b. abt 1751 - d. bef 1830 census)
Craven and Lenoir Counties, NC

Walter Dunn was the son of Newman and Ann Dunn who migrated from Richmond County, Virginia to Craven County, NC as early as 1745. Newman's estate papers show Walter was born about 1751.

Walter Dunn married Sarah Patrick and they had three children:
1. Newman - [b. abt 1785] married Caroline Hazelton
2. Walter - b. 1788 married Cynthia Loftin
3. John Patrick - b. 1792 married (1) Theresa Hodges (2) Sarah Blount
North Carolina Wills by Alexander Martin.

1763 - This Indenture made the 8th day of April in the year of our Lord 1763, Witnesseth that John Williams, Esq. the residing Chairman of the Inferior Court of Craven County have put and pond Walter Dunn, an orphan of Newman Dunn, aged 12 years, an appointee to John Miller of the said county with him to dwell, reside and save until he the said appointee shall arrive at the age of 21 years according to the Act of Assembly in that case made and provided during all which time the said appointee, his said master faithfully save in all lawful business and orderly and obediently in all things behave himself toward his said master, for and during the said term as an appointee aught to do, and the said John Miller do covenant, promise and agree to and with the said John Williams, Esq., and his successors that he the said John Miller will provide and allow his said appointee convenient and sufficient meat, drink, lodging and apparel, and use his best endeavors to interest him in the art of calling of a Taylor, and also teach him to read and write before the expiration of his appointeeship. In Witness whereof, the said interchangeably have set their hands and seals the day and year first above written. Witnesses: Ambrose and John Dudly. Craven County Register of Deeds

4 Mar 1775 - William and Sarah Dunn to brother Walter Dunn one piece or parcel of land on the north side of Neuse River west side of North West Creek being a patent granted to Newman Dunn 27 Mar 1754 - 100 acres. Witnesses: John Ingles, John Dunn. Written: March 4, 1775. Recorded: March 1775 - Images - Craven County Register of Deeds

17 Mar 1775 - Walter Dunn sold to John Ingles for twenty five pounds proclamation money one tract or parcel of land on the north side of Neuse River on the west of North West Creek bordering Jacob Reasonovers 100 acres land granted by patent to Newman Dunn. Witnesses: William Dunn, Elias Justice - Written: March 17, 1775. Recorded: June 1775 - Images - Craven County Register of Deeds

1780 - Lenoir County - East of Kinston but north of Neuse River including Tower Hill Road vicinity, and Kinston north to Wheat Swamp and east of Snow Hill Road. Walter Dunn; Value Comment 400. 1780 Dobbs County Tax List - District #9 - Harvey

Heritage Quest has the following entries but Walter is not found on the original.

1790 Dobbs County, NC Census

Walter Dunn
3 males under 16
1 male over 16
1 female
1 slave

Walter Dunn
3 males under 16
1 male over 16
2 females
2 slaves

9 Jun 1792 - Walter Dunn 75 acres lying on the north side of Neuse River joining Caswells lines, Wooten's and his own line. 1778-1790 State of North Carolina Entries of Claims for Lands Within the County of Dobbs

1799 - Walter Dunn sold to James Davis one hundred dollars silver money a piece or parcel of land 50 acres on the north side of Neuse River and west side of North West Creek to the old field formerly Joseph Brenbredge to line of Edward Bruse Banks to Newman Dunn outer line land formerly property of Will'm Dunn dec'd. Witnesses: William (his x mark) Catan, John Daw - Written: January 7, 1799. Recorded: June 1799 - Image - Craven County Register of Deeds

1800 - Information: Summons for Walter Dunn to appear and testify on behalf of John Smallwood, J.C. Bryan and others. Date: 19 Mar 1800. Date of: Summons. County: Lenoir. New Bern District Court Records, Part 20, 1800 - Folder: 1800 contributed by Sue Guptill.

1800 Lenoir County, NC Census

Walter Dunn
1 male under 10
2 males 10-15
1 male 16-25
1 male 26-44
1 female 45 & over

26 January 1808 - Indenture - Thomas Collier of Jefferson Co, Georgia to William Croom of Lenoir Co - 250 pds - adj Walter Dunn, Reedy Branch - 50 acres purchased of Stringer Potts seat'd and patent'd by Francis Stringer. Wit Wm. Dickson, ? Collier - Image - Lovit Hines Collection

Lenoir County, NC Census

1810 - Walter Dunn
2 males 16-25
1 male 45 & over
1 female 45 & over
10 slaves

1820 - Walter Dunn Senior
1 male under 10
1 male 45 & over
1 female 45 & over
21 slaves

1821 - Lease of Walter Dunn Sr. to Walter Dunn Jr. Know all men by these presents that I Walter Dunn Senr. of Lenoir County & State of No. Carolina have leased & let unto Walter Dunn Junr. of the same county and state a certain piece of land (called the Redden & Lewis Faulkner lands) for the space of five years for and in consideration of the sum of ten dollars per annum to him in hand paid by the said Walter Dunn Junr. In witness whereof the said Walter Dunn Senr. has here unto set his hand and seal this 4 day of July 1821. Assign Seal and acknowledge in presence of D. Caswell & Wm. Phillips - Image - Lenoir County Record 1738-1866, NC Archives

18 Oct 1821 - Walter Dunn Sr. deed to Newman Dunn son. Negroes. Witnesses: Walter Dunn Jr. and Wm. Dunn. Deeds of Record, Pitt County, NC by Judith DuPree Ellison

18 Oct 1821 - Walter Dunn Sr. deed to Newman Dunn, son. 600 acres. Adj. John Hazelton, Spencer Murphey. Witness: Walter Dunn Jr. Deeds of Record, Pitt County, NC by Judith DuPree Ellison

Walter Dunn Estate