Walter Dunn Jr. & Tower Hill
Lenoir County, North Carolina


The property that became known as the Tower Hill lands was granted 17 November 1738 to James McIllwean for 400 acres in Craven County signed by Governor Gabriel Johnston.

This land is thought to be under-estimated and should be for 700 acres. (See Dobbs grant #282 for James Glasgow dated 17 Oct 1782). It gives the same metes and bounds but is now 640 acres.

On April of 1755, Governor Arthur Dobbs bought from James McIllwean two tracts of land at the place now called Tower Hill. Governor Dobbs wanted to establish a capitol for the colony of North Carolina further inland than New Bern. The assembly of North Carolina approved the buying of the land from Governor Dobbs for what he had paid for the lands in 1758. This is found in Colonial Records Volume XXIII, Laws of North Carolina 1758, Chapter III.

But no capital was established at Tower Hill and the lands stayed part of the colony public lands. When North Carolina became a state, the state owned the lands. Several people tried to claim the lands under the land grant policy.

In 1784, Richard Caswell applied for a grant to the lands but later changed his mind and rescinded his application. His application was based on the lands being confiscated lands of enemy aliens.

In 1782 James Glasgow applied for a grant for the Tower Hill lands; this was disallowed by the General Assembly in 1798.

In land grant book 45 page 7 Dobbs grant #282, we find that James Glasgow is granted 640 acres of land in Dobbs County called Tower Hill. Alex'r Martin governor and J. Glasgow, Sec. Glasgow was disseized of this land by action of the court of equity in New Bern.

In 1789, the land was assigned to Benajah White as trustee for the state. Benajah White's brother was William White Secretary of State. The general assembly advertised the land for sale in the January and February issues of the North Carolina Gazette of New Bern. On 9 March 1799 at a public sale the land was bought by William Croom. This sale is recorded in Lenoir Deed Book 24, page 163 and the Legislative Papers for the Session 1798.

On February 1829 William Croom sold the land to Walter Dunn. Walter Dunn died 26 December 1850 and his lands were divided in accordance with his will. His daughter Theresa Dunn Chadwick wife of Edward Hall Chadwick received 250 acres which her husband advertised for sale in the American Advocate (a Kinston newspaper) in the 10 July 1856 issue.

John Tull on 19 October 1858 purchased this land from Theresa D. & Edward H. Chadwick.

On 12 December 1870, John Tull purchased more Tower Hill land from Robert H. Roundtree and wife Cynthia as part of the Walter Dunn, Sr. dec'd and Lewis B. & Rachel Almiria Dunn Cox lands owned by Martha Ann Judson Dunn Roundtree, dec'd daughter of Walter Dunn and her husband Samuel Roundtree.

John Tull also bought land from William Walter Dunn to round out his Tower Hill Lands. (William Walter was son of Walter Jr and wife Cynthia).

Tower Hill land 17 November 1738 - Craven County - land granted to James McIlwean for 400 acres. (see note on acres in 1782 grant).

April 1755 - Johnston County - James McIlwean sells two tracts of land to Governor Arthur Dobbs (land now called Tower Hill).

1782 - Dobbs County - James Glasgow tries to claim land - denied.

1784 - Dobbs county - Richard Caswell makes an entry for the land but stops his entry.

1789 - Dobbs County - Benajah White appointed trustee for the lands.

9 March 1799 - Lenoir County - the state sells the lands 700 acres to William Croom.

February 1829 - Lenoir County - Walter Dunn buys the land from William Croom.

26 Dec 1850 - Lenoir County - Walter Dunn dies.

8 June 1854 - William Walter Dunn to John Tull.

19 Oct 1858 - Theresa Dunn & Edward H. Chadwick advertise and sell 250 acres of Tower Hill land to John Tull.

12 Dec 1870 - Robert H. & wife Cynthia Roundtree sell Tower Hill land (formerly Walter Dunn dec'd thru Martha Ann Judson Dunn Roundtree wife of Samuel Roundtree and Rachel Almiria Dunn Cox wife of Lewis B. Cox) to Winnie Roundtree Tull wife of John Tull. (I could not find a deed from Martha A. J. D. Roundtree and Samuel to Robert H. Roundtree or from Lewis B. Cox and wife Rachel A. Dunn Cox but I asssume there was one or else inherited land and no deed).

Proofs included:
Copies of pages from the Story of Kinston and Lenoir County.
Copy of advertisement mentioned in abstract of the American Advocate by Russell King.
Booklet: grants and deeds related to the immediate area of Kinston
Deed: Theresa Dunn Chadwick and husband Edward H. Chadwick to John Tull
Private papers of Russell King.