Newman Dunn
(d bef Feb 1823)
Lenoir-Pitt County, NC

Newman was the son of Walter Dunn Sr. and wife Sarah Patrick and married Caroline Hazelton, daughter of Dr. John Hazelton from Massachusetts. Her mother was Mary Williams of Greene County, NC. North Carolina Wills by Alexander Martin.

1810 Pitt County, NC Census
Numan Dunn
1 male 16-26; 1 male 26-45; 3 slaves

1820 Pitt County, NC Census
Numan Dunn - Capt. Burney's District
1 male 26-44; 1 female 16-25; 3 slaves

Newman's father, Newman Dunn of Craven County, NC died between 6 Dec 1761 and 2 Jan 1762. His estate papers were filed in Craven County. Newman, along with his brother John and sister Mary, were assigned to a Guardian, their older brother William.

Craven County, NC Register of Deeds, D Bk 8, p 233-234
William Dunn Guardian Bond - 15 Oct 1763

Know all men by these presents that we William Dunn, William Spaight and Isaac Barrington all of Craven County and province of North Carolina are jointly and severally held and firmly bound unto the worshipful justices of Craven County aforesaid in the sum of three hundred pounds proclomation money to be paid to the said justices and their successors to which payment well and truly to be made and done we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this fifteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty three:

Whereas the above bound William Dunn has been appointed guardian of Numan Dunn, John Dunn and Mary Dunn, orphans of Newman Dunn of Craven County aforesaid.

Now the condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound in William Dunn, do well and truly bring up Numan Dunn, John Dunn and Mary Dunn during their minority and non age with necessary meat, drinks, washing and lodging, apparrell and leaming according to their degree and shall during the time of minority or non age, be guardian and tutor to the said Numan, John and Mary Dunn, from loss of goods and lands, so far as in his power lyeth, and all such portions as shall fall due to the said Numan Dunn, John Dunn and Mary Dunn, of the goods and chattles of Numan Dec'd or of the goods and chattles of any other persons according to the inventory or any otherways whatsoever, if the said William Dunn do and shall well and truly pay and deliver unto the said Newman Dunn, John Dunn and Mary Dunn, when they shall attain to the age of twenty one, or shall be married and also and shall to the utmost of his power, secure and preserve the estate and effects of the said Newman Dunn, John Dunn and Mary Dunn, from all loss or waste whatsoever during the time that he shall be guardian of the said Numan Dunn, John Dunn and Mary Dunn, and do and shall from time to time during the time of his being guardian, as often as thereto required, render and deliver to the justices aforesaid, a true and just account of his diction and guardianship, aforesaid and do and shall at all times save, harmless and keep indemnified, the Governor or Commander in Chief of this Province of North Carolina, and the justices aforesaid, then this obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of Isaac Patridge.

Newman Dunn Estate Images, 1766

Pitt County, NC Families, Vol. I by Levis Allen Churchill

Newman Dunn (1821) (dec. by 1823) m. Carley ___ (widow 1821)

Deeds of Record, Pitt County, NC by Judith DuPree Ellison

8 May 1818 - Henry Smith deed to Jesse Randolph, trustee, Deed of Trust: 150 acres + 350 acres + 4 Negroes; debts to Peter Sugg. Adj. Numan Dunn, Joel Patrick, Spencer Morphey, William Pugh, John Court, William Browning. Former owner: Cannon Smith. Witnesses: Richard Evans and Geo. Evans

11 Dec 1818 - Michael Coward deed to Curtis Philips, 200 acres; Witnesses: Joel Patrick and Walter Dunn.

3 Sep 1821 - Michael Coward deed to Walter Dunn. 343 acres; $550. Adj. Curtis Phillips. Witnesses: Joel Patrick and Fredk. Johnson

18 Oct 1821 - Walter Dunn Sr. deed to Newman Dunn son. Negroes. Witnesses: Walter Dunn Jr. and Wm. Dunn

18 Oct 1821 - Walter Dunn Sr. deed to Newman Dunn, son. 600 acres. Adj. John Hazelton, Spencer Murphey. Witness: Walter Dunn Jr.

Feb 1823 - Walter Hanrahan, adm. deed to Daniel Wilson. Negro; $400.35. Walter Hanrahan is administrator of estate of Newman Dunn dec'd, former owner. Witness: Luke Albritton

3 Jul 1823 - Newman Dunn, dec'd, to Carl(ey) Dunn, Widow; Dower

From Bill Dunn - Dower was given in Pitt County Nov 1823 for 253 acres including the Manor Plantation and other necessary outhouses, whereon the said deceased lived being 1/3 of the said Neman Dunn's estate. Among commissioners were John P. Quinmerly, Authur F. Wootten, W. S. Humphrey, Pugh Cannon.
Also a note saying Carley Hazelton had only one child but nothing more.

1790 NC Pitt County, NC Census, Newbern District
These Walters are unknown at this point

Walter Dunn
1 male 16 and upwards and head of families
2 males under 16
1 female and head of families
1 slave

Walter Dunn
1 male 16 and upwards and head of families
3 males under 16 years
2 female and head of families
2 slaves