Stringer Potts Family in Census
Lenoir County, NC

Dobbs County 1790 Census
Potts, Stringer - (b. bef. 1744)
2 free white males under 16 - (Robert was one of these males b. ca. 1782)
1 free white male 16 and over
2 free white females

Neighbors: Sarah Hardy, Hardy Croom, Jesse Farmer, Nathan Bird, Richard Bird, Francis Shine, John Creech, Lany Caswell, Stringer Potts, Isaac Ingram, Tabitha Linton, John Clark, Francis L. Freeman, Elizabeth Glover, Thomas Philips, Abam Langston, Christopher Christopher.

Stringer has four more females in this census and possibly two males compared to 1790. Born in 1744 or before, he and his wife would likely have been too old to have these younger children.

Lenoir County 1800 Census
Patts, Stringer
2 free white males 10-15
1 free white male 45 and over
2 free white females under 10
2 free white females 10-15
1 free white female 16-25
1 free white female 26-44
Robert would have been 18 years old and out of the home.

Neighbors: Richard Milner, William Pate, William Pate Jun, Frederick Pate, John Patridge, Daniel Powell, William Peters, Stringer Potts, James Pool, Pleasant Potts, William Mullen, Elizabith Nicholson, Mary Norris, Francis Nunn, John Nobles, William Nobles, Philmon Nobles.

Lenoir County 1810 Census
Potts, Stringer
1 free white male 45 and over
1 free white female 45 and over

Neighbors: Isaac Engram, Robert Argoe, Nancy Vause, Eleanor Jackson, Thomas Budds, Markland Wooters, John Budds, Mary Potts, Susanna Potts, Stringer Potts, Dorothy Langston, Danl Harrison, Micajah Witherington, Ellenzer? Fife, William Phillips, Thos Phillips, Celia King, Mary Coleman.