Selathiel Potts Family in the Census
(b. 1776-1794; d. after 1840)
Lenoir County, NC

1820 Lenoir County Census
Pott, Selatchal
1 free white males 26-44
1 free white female under 10
1 free white female 10-15
1 Free white female 16-25

Neighbors: John Phillips, Thomas Phillips, Simon Parrott, Abner Pearce, Anna Phillips, Ann Phillips, Fanney Phillips, Eliza Pool, William Phillips, Daniel Pool, Polley Potts, Dicey Phillips, David Preast?, Winefred Purdew, Henry Pickle, Major Potter, William Potter, Joseph Pool, Nancy Pool.

1830 Lenoir County Census
Potts, Latathiael (Selathiel)
1 free white male under 5
1 free white male 5-9
1 free white male 40-49
1 free white female under 5
1 free white female 5-9
1 free white female 10-14
1 free white female 30-39

Neighbors: Rebecca Keen, Jesse Keen, Sally Sutton, Jesse Keneday, John Keneday, Jesse Kenady, Elizbeth Hood, Catherine Brown, James H. Hodges, Thomas Hood, Joseph Hardy, Idaac Hardy, Nancy Hardy, Berry Cox, Nelly Outlaw, Lewis C. Desmond, Mary Quincey, Robin Argo, Elizabeth Canady, Tully Moseley, Jiles Hawkins.

Walter Dunn Jr. died in 1850 and some of his land was referred to as Lewis C. Desmond and Elizabeth Desmond land.

1840 Lenoir County Census
Potts, Salathiel
2 free white males 5-9
1 free white male 15-19
1 free white male 50-59
2 free white females 15-19
1 free white female 20-29
1 free white female 40-49

Neighbors: Benjamin Parritt, Needham Loftin Senr, Sarah Cox, Shadrack Loftin, Alexander Wilson, Thomas Dawson, Barney Phillips, Lewis Whitfield, Elizabeth Dunk, George McCabe, Elizabeth Curtis, Penelope Lyon, John Fields, James Dixon, James R. Croom, Snoad B. Caraway, James W. Cox.

Shadrack Loftin was the father of Cynthia, wife of Walter Dunn Jr., and a neighbor of Walter in the 1830 census and an 1841 deed.