Dunns in Virginia

Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants.

Patent Book 1, Part I, pg 35

EDMOND SCARBOROUGH, 200 acs. Accomacke Co., 28 Nov. 1635, p. 323. On the Seaboard side, Nly. to a Thickett & DUNN Cr., Sly. along the Seaboard side & Wly. into the woods. Trans, of 4 pers: Roger Wright, Alice a maid servt., Edward Agar, Eliza. Machin.

Patent Book 1, Part II, pg 190

MR. JAMES WILLIAMSON, 1150 acs. In Rappa. Riv. on the N. side, 150 acs. being marsh. 22 May 1650, p. 211. Trans, of 23 pers: Silvester Thacher, Wm. Freeman, Robert DUNN, Wm. Harrison, Kath. Peirce, James Loyd, John Richardson, Henry Crompton, Edward Hurt, William Jury, Methusalem Hart, Ralph England, Wm. Hutt (or Nutt), Robert Wildge, Morgan Davis, Eliza. Harton, Walter Owens, Jno. Cadin, Wm. Jefferson, John Fennell, Marg. Baker, John Davis, Tho. Whitlock.

Patent Book 1, Part II, pg 208

MRS. FRANCIS TOWNSHEND, Widdow, 2,200 acs. Northumberland Co., 7 Feb. 1650, p. 285. Upon S. side of Potomeck Riv., on E. side of Chetanck & W. side of upper Mattchotick Neck, extending S. W. neare the Ewd. side of Chetank Towne. Trans, of 44 pers: Thomas Beddus, Jacob Hill, Jno. Perchin, Nico. Davis, Luke Haynes, Tho. DUNNE, Tho. Austine, Walter Baker, Jno. Williams, Wm. Best, Lyonell Reale (or Beale), Nico. Lesley, Richard Adson, Tho. Browne, Law. Atherfold, Henry Hower, Nicho. Turner, John Galy, Moyses Hoppards, John Budway, John Lynas (?), John Williams, William Smith, Thomas Hill, John Corkeley, Eliza. Harrison, Joseph Forrest, Richard Wells, John Hudson, Wm. Lewis, James Austin, William Fauster, Francis Symons, William Jones, Tymothy Wilcocke, John Obed, Robert Butcher, Edward Barnes, William Tullenson, George Werden, Thomas Gardner, William Taylor, James Browning, Sarah & Susan, Negroes.

Patent Book 1, Part III, pg 313

THOMAS WILLESS, 450 acs. Lancaster Co., 20 Aug. 1655, p. 365. Adj. land of Lady Chichly, Bertam Obert & Arthur DUNNE, assignee of Abraham Moone. 300 acs. granted to Richard Lewis & assigned unto sd. Willis & Richard Watkins & 150 acs. for trans. of 3 pers: John Bell, John Nurden, John Johnson.

Patent Book 1, Part IV, pg 373-374

GERVASE DODSON, 5200 acs. Westmoreland Co., 16 Sept. 1657, p. 201, (294). Near the head of upper Machoatick Riv., Ely. adj. his own land & land of Nathaniell Jones & Xpher. Boyce, deed., Nly. upon Mr. Fowkes at Chetanke Cr., John Walton, Mr. Nicholas Merriwether & others & soe running about the Indian Towne & lands of Jno. Williams, Stephen Norman, Nicholas Langsden, & Major Thomas Davis of Walters Cr; part of this land known by the name of Upper Machotick Towne. Due by purchase from Major Jno. Smith of Stanley Hundred as followeth: 3000 acs. granted sd. Smith & Mr. Francis Smith, engeeneer, (or engeeners), 7 Sept. 1654 by whose death it has fallen wholely to sd Major Smith & by him assigned unto sd. Dodson; & being found to be 2200 acs. more on the S. & W. side thereof, sd. Dodson hath produced rights to the same & due for trans, of 44 pers: Jno. Bell, Wm. Hoble, Wm. Buffett, Alexander Cooper, Wm. Langle, Jno. Butler, Daniell DUNN, Hix, Peter Ward (or Ware), Eliz. Butteresse, Nich. Buttresse, Nicho. Mason, Martin Wyatt, John Clarke, Jane Deepe, John Bunkley, Rolph Burcorck (?), Alex Strahan, Daniell Stephens, Eliz. Willoughby, Rich. Bignall, John Darkeny, Edward Morkey

Patent Book 1, Part IV, pg 381

JOHN COSSENS & THOMAS STEED, 600 acs. Northumberland Co., 24 Nov. 1658, p. 234, (333). Ely. upon the Glade above Wiccocomocoe Indian Towne. Trans, of 12 pers: Robert Davis, Miles Allen, Wm. Greene, Henry Clerke, John Allen, Tho. DUNN, Antho. Jones, Percy Evans, Arthur Longe, Francis Lee, Thomas Anthony Roe. Renewed 14 Oct. 1662.

Patent Book 1, Part IV, pg 382-383

MR. ROBERT COLLINS, 1000 acs. Northumberland Co., 29 Nov. 1658, p. 240, (339). N.Wly. upon land of Mr. John Chandler, deed., at branches of greate Wiccocomocoe towards Corrotoman & Moratticoe. The following names appear under this record: Robert Collins, twice, Ann Collins, Robert Collins, Jr., Mary Collins, Rebecca Collins, Tho. DUNN, Ralph Lowe, Edward Hales, Francis Parker, Susan Parker, Sarah Holdin, Wm. Stone, Sam. Morris, Wm. Molton, Edward Davis, Mary Davis, Hugh Coates, Wm. Barrett, Ann Barrett.

Patent Book 1, Part IV, pg 383

MR. JOHN HANSFORD, 850 acs. Yorke Co., 13 Dec. 1658, p. 244, (343). 75 acs. upon a branch of Capt. Wests Cr., Wly. on N. side of land of the widow Downe, & on S. side with land of Thomas Weston, Marriner. 650 acs. Ely. upon sd. Cr. & Nly. upon Sergeant Waines land. 125 acs. adj. said tracts, land of Capt. Harrwood, dec'd. (now Capt. Hurd's) 725 acs. granted 10 June 1652 & the residue for trans, of 3 pers: Rowland Thomas, Charles DUNNE, Tho. Symmons.

Patent Book 1, Part IV, pg 418

BENJAMIN STRATTON, son & heir of Thomas Stratton, 300 acs. N'ampton Co., 26 Mar. 1662, p. (538). On the ridge, bounding Sly. on DUNN branch, Ely. on land of Francis Jones & George Traveller & Nly. on Maj. William Waters. Granted to sd. Thomas, 27 Nov. 1657.

Patent Book 1, Part V, pg 456

MR. ROBERT PITT, 3000 acs. Accomack Co., 2 Oct. 1663, p. 190, (81). Bounded on N. with Pokomoke Riv., W. by Bay of Chespiack & sunken marshes. 1000 acs. by patent 12 Mar. 1662 & 2000 by the Election of Col. Edmond Scarburgh & assigned to sd. Pitt. Trans, of 40 pers: Jno. Eloer (?), Tho. Griffin, Mary Harwood, James Wellfleet, Wm. Morgan, Henry Loyd, Mary Thomas, Edw. Washington, Tho. Lazengby, Jane Shelly, Thomas Smith, Crispian Morris, Mary Sewell, Edw. Griffeth, Margt. Powell, Nicho. Walbrooke, Joseph Jnoson, An Heath, Mary Wms. (Williams), Joan Millford, Tho. DUNN, Tho. Whenham, Anto. Spencer, Tho. Cope, Jno. Norris, Jno. Robbinson, Wm. Clayton, James Fliers, David Lacy, Wm. Knowles, Jno. Tavernor, Wm. Ganock, Jno. Doyley, Rich. Crooke, Tho. Sanders, Wm. Wright, Samll. White, Math. Langley, Wm. Bayley, Edw. Heath.