Minnie Charity Potts 1872-1923
Wayne & Lenoir County, NC

Minnie was the daughter of Newman and Susan Marinda Lewis Potts of Brogden Township, Wayne County, NC. She was born April 4, 1872 in Wayne County and died November 27, 1923 in Deep Run, Lenoir County, NC.

A special thanks to Ouida Allison, granddaughter of William and Minnie, for sharing her photos.

Minnie Clyde, Drucilla (Drudie) and Melissa Mae Lewis Photo

William Leonard Lewis, son of Leonard Lewis and Drucilla Yelverton, was born August 6, 1860, and died February 15, 1913 in Lenoir Co. NC. He married Minnie Charity Potts on December 24, 1889.

Children of William Lewis and Minnie Potts were:

Drucilla, b. July 05, 1891, Lenoir Co NC; d. October 22, 1983, Lenoir Co NC
Janie Sybil, b. January 02, 1905, Lenoir Co NC; d. June 11, 1984, Lenoir Co NC
Melissa May, b. December 01, 1895, Lenoir Co NC; d. Bet. 1948 - 1949, Lenoir Co NC
Minnie Clyde, b. May 05, 1899, Lenoir Co NC; d. February 05, 1963
Sidney Worth, b. October 12, 1909, Lenoir Co NC; d. August 18, 1986, Lenoir Co NC

Family information contributed by Andrew Hill, grandson of William and Minnie.

State of North Carolina Wayne County
December 7, 1893 - $200 55 acres
Register of Deeds, Book 68, page 126

Wm. Lewis & Minnie C. Lewis to J. A. Fields

Adjoining the lands of J. A. Fields, Susan Jones Beginning at a stake on the New Bern road, cor. of lot No. 1 and runs with the line of lot No. 1, S 64.50 W 33.42 chains to a pine continued S 64.50 W 55.07 chs to a bridge across a ditch; then S 9.20 E about 7 chs to a stake cor. No. 4; then N 64.45 E 39.25 chs to a stake corner of lots Nos. 3 & 4; then N 24 W 5 chs to stake cor. of No. 3; then N 64.50 E 10 chs to a stake cor. of No. 3; then N 64.15 E 38.20 chs to a stake on the New Bern road; then with said road as it meanders southwardly to the first station containing fifty-five and one half acres.
Recorded January 2, 1894

This was Minnie's share of her father Newman Potts Sr. property and could have been about the time she and William moved to Deep Run, Lenoir County.

Sybil, Minnie and Drucilla Lewis Photo

Lewis Family Photos

Minnie Charity Potts Lewis

Urban visiting with sister Minnie Charity Potts Lewis
contributed by Ouida Allison