Hannah Permelia Potts Widow's Pension Application, 1851

State of Georgia
Cass County
On this the 12th day of February 1851 personally appeared before me L.M. Hood an acting judge of the Inferior Court in & for said County, Mrs. Hannah Permelia Potts aged ninety years, a resident of Cass County Georgia who being sworn according to law, declares that she is the widow of John Potts deceased, that her said husband was a soldier of the Revolutionary War under the command of one Kidgley and Norrid (as well as she can recollect), that he entered the army while living in Lawrens district SC, (does not recollect how long he served), that she was married to the said John Potts sometime about the 1st February 1777 seventeen hundred and seventy seven, that her said husband died in Cass County GA on the 22nd of March 1839 that she makes this declaration in order to obtain a pension under the proper law provided in such cases, that she appoints F.C. Reavis of Casville Ga her agent, to ascertain what law to apply under & to ask of the Commissioners of Pensions her advice or information, instructions, in a letter, she is now entitled under the act of July 4th 1835

Hannah Permelia (her x mark) Potts
Sworn to and subscribed this day above written
D.M Hill CSC

State of Georgia
Cass County
I H.W. Cobb Clerk of the superior court of Cass County do hereby certify that L.H. Harrison acting justice of the Inferior Court in & for said county and State duly commissioned sworn in testimony whereof I here unto set my hand and offer thereto my seal of said Superior Court of said County on this the 18th day of February 1857 H.W. Cobb, CLK

State of Georgia
County of Cass
On this the 20th day of Sept 1852 personally appeared before me Riley Goss, a Justice of the peace in and for said county, Frederick C. Reavis who is a credible witness and after being duly sworn according to law, declares that he lived in North Carolina Mecklinburg County from the year 1818, to the year 1833 and was well acquainted with John Potts (& Family) who was reported to be a Revolutionary Soldier, and knew and lived with Letty Potts his sister who drew back pay of John Potts, for his service, in said war, and that there was not any other John Potts living in that part of North Carolina, who was old enough to go to the war, and that Hannah Permelia Potts, who has applied fore pension is John Potts widow, who was reported to be the only Revolutionary soldier of the name from the State of North Carolina in the section of county when said applicant resided sworn to and subscribed before me on the day and year above mention
Frederick (his x mark) C. Reace
Riley Goss J.P.
C.C. McRae

State of Georgia
Cass County
I Thomas A. Ward Ordinary in and for said County and State do hereby certify that Riley Goss whose name is signed, oficially as a witness, on the above affidavit, was and acting Justice of the peace, in and for said county and State at the time of signing the same. In Testimony whereof, I hereunto set my hand & Seal of said court on this the [blank] day of March 1853
Thomas A. Ward

State of Georgia
Gordon County
On this the 19th of July 1851 before the subscribed a Justice of the peace in and for said county & state personally came Hannah P. Potts and William Potts, who being duly sworn according to law declare the following to be a true record as transcribed from a book kept by the Family of William Potts, on which the ages of the children of said Hannah Permelia Potts was recorded, & the said Hannah Permelia Potts, sworn that about ten years elapsed after her marriage to John Potts late a Revolutionary soldier, before her first living child was born, To wit Joshua Potts, of whom the following transcript is relation to and transcribed from the Private book recorded
Joshua Potts was born Feb’y the 8th 1792
Subscribed and sworn to this the day and year above named in presents of – Hannah Permelia (her x mark) Potts – W.M. Potts

State of Georgia
Gordon County
I James B. Davis Clerk of the Inferior Court in and for said County, do hereby certify that John McC-- Esqr is an acting Justice of the peace in and for said county, duly commissioned and sworn In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix the seal of Gordon County Inferior Court on this 1st day of Sep 1857 James B. Davis Clk

Adairsville Ga 16th Augt 1856
To Comm’s of Pensions

Dear Sir
On 4th July last I wrote to Hon. Jno. H. Lumpkin requesting to learn through him the condition of the claim of Mrs. Hannah Permelia Potts, wife of John Potts for a Pension, under Act of 7th July 1838 or 4th July 1836. (I am not quite shure which) she applied under and have rec’d no reply

Will you be so good as to inform me of the condition of that claim

I am Very Respectfully
Your Obt Serv’t
Elisha King

Cassville Ga 15th Feby 1854
Jas. C. Heath
Com’sr of Pensions
Washington, DC
Dear sir, I wish to make an enquiry for Mrs. Hannah P. Potts (90 years of age) widow of John Potts deceased, who was a Revolutionary soldier From Lawrence District, S.C. under Captain Norrod or Norwood, & another officer by the name of Ridgeby, (these are the names) as well as recollected by the old lady and if thye case is as she now recollects it, is entitled to pension under the act (I presume) of July 4th, 1836, Sec. 3d 4 & 5th. I have send her power of atty for the purpose of an examination of the rolls to ascertain whether he is found then, your information is asked on the subject

With much Respect I am your
Obt servant
James G. Reavis

Cassville Ga 16th March 1851?
Jas. E. Nash, Commissioner
Of Pensions D.C.

Dear Sir, Mrs. H.P. Potts widow of John Potts decd desires some information from you she supposes her husband made application for a pension as a Revolutioner under the law of Oct? 1832 and to know whether his declaration is on file though he may not have completed his proof &c the widow thinks his officers were "Ridgly" & "Norid or Norrod" he entered the army from Lawrences dist, Sc does not know the length of his service was married about 1 feby 1777 & that he died in 1837, 22 mar

She wishes to apply for a pension and would be glad to hear the law & for instructions

Your obt ser’t
J G Reavis
"Your attention to this is solicited"

"Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files"
M804 R 1961

Potts, John - Hannah Parmelia, SC Line, R8383, widow applied 12 Feb 1851 Cass Co GA aged 90, soldier & widow had m 1st Feb 1777 & soldier d 22 Mar 1839 in Cass Co GA, soldier had lived in Laurens District SC at enlistment, a son Joshua Potts was b 8 Feb 1792, on 19 Jul 1851 in Gordon Co GA one Hannah & William Potts made aff'dt & stated it was about 10 yrs after soldier & wife had married before their 1st child Joshua was born, one Frederick C. Reece made aff'dt in 1852 in Cass Co GA & referred to soldier's sis Letty Potts

Letter found at the Archives, Atlanta, GA

Oct 24, 1956
Mrs. Mary Bryan
Dept. of Archives and History
Atlanta Georgia

Dear Mrs. Bryan:

Upon the suggestion of Mrs. Jayne Pruitt I am writing you in my effort to get something on William Potts who died in Henery Co, Tenn. Do you know of a book belonging to William Potts a Rev. soldier whose sister-in-law refered to it while she was living in Gordon Co, Ga., she being the widow of John Potts. William Potts applied for pension while living in Jackson Co, Ga. John Potts widow, Hannah P. applied for pension in Gordon Co, Ga.

I have an application for D.A.R. membership if I can -- the sons of William complete. The line follows William (1) Oswald (2) John C. (3) - I have all proof except that one link - Oswald was b. in S.C. (census). Thanks a great deal
Volinia W. Hays (Mrs. Felix B.)

Information provided by Sloan Spence Mason
NARA M.804
Roll 1961