William Lewis 1761-1841
Sampson County, NC


William Lewis, Number S. 8842

State of North Carolina
Sampson County
Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
August Term 1833

On this the 20th day of August A.D. 1833 personally appeared in open Court before Henry Godwin, Benjamin Phillips & Raiford Coor Esquires Justices of the Peace now sitting and holding the Court aforesaid William Lewis a resident of Sampson County in the State of North Carolina, aged seventy two years the 6th September 1833 who being first duly sworn according to law doth in his oath makes the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.

That he enlisted in the army of the United States in the year as he believes 1777 with Captain Abram Sheppard and served, in the 10th regiment of the North Carolina line under the following named officers, viz, Abram Sheppard Lieut., 1st Col Jethro Sheppard 2nd Col. William Sheppard either Major or some other officer, Abram Sheppard Junr Capt. Willoughby Williams he thinks now Lieutenant or Ensign, for six months, that he left this service about the first of April, he thinks in the year 1778; that he enlisted for six months; that he resided in Dobbs (now Greene) County N.C. when he entered the service; that he was in no battle; that he rendezvoused at a place called Bull-head in Greene County and marched to Cross Creek now Fayetteville; thence into South Carolina to Pine Tree now Camden, thence to Log Town nearby, where he joined a regiment from the back country and remained till his term of enlistment expired and was discharged.

That he performed no other service as a continental soldier, but entered the militia service of the United States and served as herein stated.

1st Under Gen. Ashe, Gen. William Bryan of Craven, Gen. William Caswell, -- Armstrong a regular officer previously he thinks was Col. James Darnell adjutant, John Kennedy Capt, Robin Hooks Lieutenant, who was drowned in crossing Savannah, Josiah Stafford Ensign.

This applicant 1st Sargeant and served four months, three months of which he served as 1st Sargeant and one month he served as Captain by Commission from Col. William Caswell over a company of pioneers; that he entered this service in the fall of the year 1778 and left it after the battle at Briar Creek in Georgia in February or March 1779; that he was drafted for five months; that he was in the battle of Briar Creek in Georgia where the Americans were surprised and defeated some taken prisoners and some drowned in crossing Savannah in their flight; that he marched from Kingston on Neuse where he rendezvoused to Monk's corner; thence to the vicinity of Charleston, thence through Jacksonborough, Pond-pond Parysburg; and other villages to Savannah River at a place called Three Sisters, (opposite which the enemy's army was stationed) thence up Savannah River to opposite Augusta, thence across Savannah River and on to Briar Creek, from whence he fled home; that he served with continental Troops in this Town; over whom Col. John (he thinks) Armstrong was an officer; the regular officers he knew were Col. Armstrong, Abram Sheppard Junr & Senr, John and William Sheppard, James Darnell and Willoughby Williams which are all that he can recollect; that he has no documentary evidence and has procured the testimony of William Forrest of Greene County NC as to this applicants service in this town which is hereunto appended.

2. Under Major John Allen and Captain John Garland his other officers, he forgets and served three months as a private; that he entered this service in May 1779 & left it in August 1779; that he was a volunteer; that this was an expedition against the tories; which it was said, were embodying up on the Yadkin or that vicinity; that he was in no battle; that he marched from Kingston to Cross Creek now Fayetteville, thence into Richmond County N.C. on the Yadkin; thence across the Yadkin and up Rocky River to Bear Creek; thence back across the Yadkin to a place now called Parchcorn hill, thence back to Kingston and discharged; that he has no documentary evidence and knows of no person alive by whom he can prove his service in this tour.

3. That he received a Captain's commission from Col. Richard Caswell signed by him and took command of a company of volunteers in September 1779 and served six weeks in an expedition against the tories, who were collected on Dover Swamp in Craven County; that he had no battle but took several prisoners; that his company was under the command of Col. Richard Caswell; that he has no documentary evidence and knows of no person now alive by whom he can prove his service in this tour.

4. About the 1st of October 1781 he turned out as a volunteer and served ten days as a private under Captain Matthew Moseley, Robert White Col. against Craige and his force and had a skirmish with them at Saunder's bridge on Trent River in Jones County; that the enemy were disbursed and as he understood returned to Wilmington; that he has no documentary evidence but has procured the testimony of Josiah Suggs of Greene County N.C. as to this service which is hereunto appended.

Answers of William Lewis the aforesaid applicant to the questions asked him by the Court aforesaid prescribed by the War Department

[Questions added by contributor]

1 - Where and in what year were you born?

I was born in Dobbs (now Greene) County, N.C. September 6th 1761

2 - Have you any record of your age; and if so where is it

I have a record of my age on a piece of paper whereon was left the family record of my father.

3 - Where were you living when called into service and where have you lived since the Revolutionary War, and where do you now live?

When called into service I was living in Dobbs (now Greene) County, N.C. where I continued to reside till about thirty years ago; I then moved to Wayne County N.C. and lived four or five years thence to Duplin County N.C. I lived about three years; thence into South Carolina & lived four years; thence into Lenoir County N.C. & lived about four years; thence into Sampson County N.C. where I have ever since lived and now live.

4 - How were you called into Service, were you drafted, did you volunteer, or were you a Substitute, and if a substitute for whom

I first enlisted, then drafted & in my other service was a volunteer.

5 - State the names of some of the regular officers who were with the troops where you Served; State Continental and Malitia Regiments as you can recollect, and the general circumstances of your service

The only regular officers with the troops where I served while in the militia that I recollect were Col. Armstrong & Adjutant James Darnell. I saw no continental regiments but the one I served in; there were some regulars with Gen. Ashe; the militia regiments I remember were Col. William Caswell and Col. Richard Caswell; the general circumstances of my service as well as I can recollect them are stated in my declaration.

6 - Did you ever receive a discharge from the service, and if so by whom was it given, and what has become of it

As a soldier I never received that I recollect of any written discharge from service while in the militia. As an officer in my tour to Briar Creek I was appointed & commissioned a Capt. by Col. William Caswell and took command of a company of pioneers, which commission I took no case of & have lost; I afterward received a commission as Captain signed by Col. Richard Caswell which I've also lost.

7 - Note the names of persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood and who can testify as to your character for veracity, and their belief of your services as a soldier of the Revolution

I have so lately removed to my present neighborhood I don't know that there are any but probably Alexd'r Benton, George Draughan, Maj. Ollen Mobley or Jonathan W. Moseley may. [Sampson County]

In my former neighborhood I would name Willis Dickson, Henry Best, Drew Aldridge, Rev. Seth Speight, Rev. John Gibbons, Josiah Whitley &c. [Greene County]

He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State.

Sworn to & subscribed the day & Year aforesaid

Wm. Lewis [signed]

We Ollen Mobley and George Draughon residents of the county of Sampson hereby certify that we have known William Lewis the aforesaid applicant since his removal into this county about eight years ago; that we believe him to be seventy two years of age; that he was a Revolutionary soldier and served as he has stated in his declaration. Sworn and subscribed the day and year aforesaid. Ollen Mobley and George (his x mark) Draughonhooke

Inscribed on the Roll of N Carolina at the rate of 55 dollars 77 cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831

Department of the Interior - Bureau of Pensions, Washington, DC
In reply to your request of (blank) received (blank) for a statement of the military history of William Lewis a soldier of the Revolutionary War, you will find below the desired information as contained in his (or his widow's) application for pension on file in this Bureau.

Enlisted six months ending April 1, 1778 as a Private and served under Capt. Abram Shepard, Colonel Abram Shepard and John Shepard in the 10th NC.
Enlisted in the fall of 1778 for three months as a Sergeant under Capt. John Kennedy and Colonel Armstrong and one month as Captain.
Enlisted May 1779 for three months as Private under Capt. John Garland.
Enlisted September 1779 for six weeks as Captain under Colonel Richard Caswell.
Enlisted October 1, 1781 for 10 days as Sergeant under Capt. Mathew Moseley and Colonel Robert White.

Battles engaged in, Brier Creek, Skirmish at Saunders Bridge
Residence of soldier at enlistment, Dobbs Co (Greene Co) NC
Date of application for pension, August 20, 1833
Residence at date of application, Sampson County, NC
Age at date of application, 72, born September 6, 1761 in Dobbs Co, NC
Remarks: there is no data on file as to his family

War Department, Petition Office, March 8, 1834

The papers in this case of William Lewis have been examined and are herewith returned.

The applicant alleges to have performed one tour as a Private of six months under an enlistment and various other tours in the several capacity of Private, Sergeant and Captain, but it would seem from the declaration of the applicant that his services as Captain were only for the time being, and that he was not a Militia Captain of the State during the period of the alleged service: for it to appear between his first and last tour, said to be in that capacity, he claims to have performed a three months tour as Private.

As no testimony has been produced in support of his allegation, excepting so far as related to his service as Private and as a Sergeant, his rank as Captain cannot be recognized.

His claim can be admitted, if so advised by you upon a return of the papers for 10 months 22 days as Private and four months as Sergeant, amounting to $55.77 per annum.

I have the honor to be your obedient Servant, J. L. Edwards
Hon: Jesse Speight, Hos. of Rep. (House of Representatives)

I take the allowance which you propose in the name and behalf of Wm Lewis - J. Speight

Pension reference to Greene County neighbors and some of their land grants
Willis Dixon -
Henry Best - Grant
Drew (Drury) Aldridge - Grants
Seth Speight - Grants
Rev. John Gibbons, Rainbow Church Preacher in 1803
Josiah Whitley - Grant

Pension Application filed in Sampson County, NC - August 20, 1833