Joel Lewis
Son of Urban & Susan Casey Lewis

Joel Lewis was born April 20, 1818 and died March 6, 1895 and is buried in Perkins Cemetery. He married first Penelope (Penny) Harris and second Louisa (Lou) Harris. Penny Harris was born November 6, 1823 and died June 28, 1859 as shown on her Tombstone in Lewis Cemetery.

Indenture made the 13th day of August 1841 between Urban Lewis and son Joel Lewis both of Wayne County a parcel of land in Wayne County on the waters of Lewis Branch & Sleepy Branch containing 187 acres. Witnesses: James Griswold and Benjn Griswold. Proved September 10, 1841. Wayne County NC Register of Deeds; Bk 54, pg 397. Deed

Muster Roll of 27 Regiment NC Militia, 31 Dec 1862 - Joel Lewis, age 44, married, 1 gun

1. Mager Lewis to Emer Price on 11 February 1869 Page 10
Parents of Groom: Joel Lewis and Diniah Lewis
Parents of Bride: Unnamed and Mary Price
Married by: Robert Williams, J.P.
2. Isaac Lewis to Clarassa J. Carter on 22 January 1871 Page 20
Parents of Groom: Joel Lewis and Penny Lewis
Parents of Bride: Benjamin Carter and ELizabeth Carter
Place of Marriage: Elizabeth Carter
Married by: John A. Kornegay, J.P.
Marriage Register 1867-1872, Wayne County, NC

Wayne County, NC 1850 Census; South side Neuse River
Joel Lewis, 33, farmer, 800 real estate value
Penny, 24
Major, 3
Ann E., 2
Susan E., 7/12
Neighbor William (brother) and Elizabeth Lewis

Wayne County, NC 1860 Census; Indian Springs
Joel Lewis, 43, farmer, 800 real estate value, 100 personal estate value
Penelope, 36 (died in 1859 per tombstone)
Major, 13
Ann E., 11
Susan E., 10
Isaac, 8
Catharine, 7
Joel, 5
John, 3
Z. V., 1

Wayne County, NC 1870 Census; Indian Springs
Nancy Bartlet, 55, boarding house
Juel (Joel) Lewis, 52, farmer

Wayne County, NC 1880 Census; New Hope
Joel Lewis, 62, farmer
Louisa, 38, wife keeping house
George Ann, 16, daughter
Louisa, 12, daughter
Andrew J., 4, son
Zebulon V., 2, son

Urban Lewis Estate, 1847 - Inventory and account of sales of perishable and personal estate of Urban Lewis taken on the 25th day of Feby 1847 by John Lewis his Executor and disposed of in accordance of the will of said deceased viz. Account of sales Feby 25th 1847 at six months credit: 1 stack of fodder to Joel Lewis - $3.35.

Indian Springs Election October 10, 1850 - Return of the Election held at Indian Springs District Oct 10th 1850 - Be it Remembered that On this day was an Election held at the Indian Springs it being one of the regular places of holding the Elections for the County of Wayne in pursuance to an order from the Governor Charles Manly that there should be an election held on Thursday the 10th day of October AD 1850 for the purpose of Electing a Senator in place of John Exum decsd which Resulted as follows. Viz: #24 Joel Lewis

Jan 29th 1859 - This day an Election was held at Indian Springs for Constable which resulted as follows: #127 Joel Lewis. NC Archives - CR 103.912.9

Thursday, May 16, 1878 - The Trial of Waitman Thompson - Joel Lewis, Witness. Goldsboro Messenger - Goldsboro, N.C.

Indenture made 25 Feb 1857 between William Lewis and John Lewis both of Wayne, in consideration of the sum of $210 to me in hand paid in the payment of bonds secured by the said John Lewis, hath bargained, sold and conveyed unto the party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever, all the properties by me possessed, my lands bounded as follows: William Kelly, Thomas Reaves and Joel Lewis, one black horse, twelve head of hogs, seven head of cattle, two stacks of fodder, ten barrels of corn, four hundred and fifty pounds of bacon, fifty pounds of lard, to have and to hold the above mentioned properties. The condition of the above is such that whereas of the aforesaid William Lewis shall relieve the said John Lewis by paying the bonds secured by the said John Lewis with lawful interest together with costs &c then this obligation to be utterly null and void, otherwise to remain in full force virtue and effect. Witness: Joel Lewis. Registered 22 Aug 1857. (William, John and Joel were brothers). Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 25, pg 391; Mortgage 22 Aug 1857

Deed made 12 Feb 1886 by A. M. Prince and wife D. J. Prince to Joel Lewis all of Wayne, for $1100 land in Wayne adjoining the lands of W. J. King, Isaac King and John Davis adjacent to a poplar in Gum Branch, Elizabeth Starlings line, Bee Branch, Ann Jennette line, S. C. H. Brogdens (now L. D. Gulleys line) containing 100 acres. Recorded: 19 Feb 1886. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 57, pg 88

Homestead; Tract; 4 Jan 1870 - We the undersigned having been duly summoned to re assess the Homestead and personal property of Joel Lewis of Indian Springs Township, Wayne County, North Carolina, do make the following return.
We have reviewed and appraised the Homestead of the said Joel Lewis and the dwelling and buildings thereon owned by the said Joel Lewis, as a Homestead to be $500 and that the entire tract, bounded by the lands of Henry Herring, Mrs. Sally Holmes, A. T. Grady, Jno. Farmer and Robert Williams is therefore exempt from sale under execution according to law.
At the same time and place we reviewed and appraised at the values annexed, the following articles of personal property selected by the said Joel Lewis:
Household and kitchen furniture $40, Corn $75, Fat Hogs $200, 1 horse $50, 1 cart $12.50, 6 stacks of fodder $25.50, 4 head of cattle $50, 23 head sheep $23, 10 bushels seed peas $9, 1 more cart $15.
Which we declare to be a fair revaluation and that the said articles are exempt under said execution. We hereby certify that we are not related by blood or marriage to the judgement debtor or judgement creditors and have no interest near or remote in the above exemption. Given under our hands and seals this 4th day of Jan, 1870. Wm. G. Broadhurst, John Smith and Robert Williams. Recorded: 8 Jan 1870. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 29, pg 604

Deed made November 6, 1874 between Joel Lewis and Isaac Lewis both of Wayne, for $75 land in Wayne known as Lot No 3 in the division of lands of John Harris dec'd said lot of land having been drawn by his wife Penny Lewis wife of Joel Lewis adjacent to the run of Lewis Branch, Holmes line, Horsepen Branch containing 200 acres. Recorded: Nov'r 26, 1894. Wayne County NC Register of Deeds; Bk 37, pg 265

Lease 7 Dec 1887 - Assignment between W. R. Howell as agent for James S. Herring party of the first part and Joel Lewis of the second part, all the lands of his principal the said Herring lying in Brogden Township; also to cut whatsoever new ditching may be needed as the land herein leased in cleared by said Lewis and to do $30.00 worth of building; and the said Lewis in consideration of the above premises hereby agrees and binds himself to clear within two years from January 1st, 1888 fifteen acres of said land; to pay 2000 pounds of good merchantable lint cotton, bailed and delivered by Nov. 1st of each year at Goldsboro; to clear out all ditches on land cultivated by him during each year, say to the amount of $10.00 worth of ditching annually. Witness: J. A. Washington. Registered: 7 Dec 1887.Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 58, pg 539