Elizabeth Lewis Starling
Daughter of Urban & Susan Casey Lewis

"Fifthly at the death of my wife Susan I give and bequeath unto my seven daughters viz Eliza Martin, Polly Martin, Fanny Denmark, Bethena Lewis, Patience Lewis, Susan Lewis & Elizabeth Lewis, all the remainder of my estate herein before loaned to my wife Susan, to be equally divided between them". Will of Urban Lewis, 1847; Wayne County, NC

Elizabeth was born August 8, 1830 and died June 16, 1907 and is buried with her family at Providence United Methodist Church Cemetery; spouse William E. Starling (1819-1865); children George Washington Starling, William Ervin Starling, Mary Eliza Fields and Susan E. Mitchell.

Wayne County, NC 1860 Census - Cross Roads, Post Office Everettsville
William Starling, 41, Farmer, Real Estate value 500, Personal Estate value 250
Polly, 80
Elizabeth, 29
Wm. E., 3
Susan, 1

Wayne County, NC 1870 Census - Brogden
Elizabeth Starling, 39, Widowed
Wm. E., 14
Susan, 12
Geo. W., 8
Mary E., 8/12

Wayne County, NC 1880 Census - Brogden
Elizabeth Starling, 50, Widowed
Susan, 21
Geo. W., 18
Mary E., 10

Indenture made 2 Feb 1830 between William Starling and Polly his wife and Micajah Musgrave all of Wayne, for $90 land in Wayne adjacent to the east side of Falling Creek, south side of Buckhorn, patent granted to Caleb Musgrave containing 123 acres. Witnesses: Jno. Cox and Rich'd Cox. Registered: Feb'y Term 1830. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 15, pg 36

Indenture made 3 May 1838 between Polly Starling of the one part, John Cox of the second part and Eliza Anne E. Sasser wife of Eli Sasser of the third part all of Wayne, for $1 paid by John Cox land in Wayne on the south side of Neuse River adjacent to the road near the house, Willis Halls line, Maple Branch containing 68 acres. One other tract adjacent to Matthew Brogdens line, Polly Starlings corner at her house containing 10 1/4 acres. One other tract adjacent to Andrew Basses corner containing 5 acres.
I also convey to John Cox the following personal property: 10 head of cattle, 11 head of hogs, 3 sows and 8 shoats, 4 beds and furniture, 6 chests, 5 tables, 1 small side board, 14 sitting chairs, 1 loom, 7 flays?, 4 pair of harnesses, 4 pots, 2 pans, 1 dutch oven, 1 skillet, 5 washing tubs, 1 pail, 3 piggins, 1 clock, 1 bofat with its contents, 2 wollen wheels, 1 linen wheel, 3 pair cards, all my barrels and boxes of every description and kegs, 2 bread trays, 1 wooden bowl, 1 can, 1 churn, safe, all my soap, all my bacon pork, corn fodder and all my necessities in my smoke house, 8 head of geese, all my chickens.
Land and other property in trust during the natural life of Eliza Ann E. Sasser wife of Eli Sasser and pay over to her all the rents and profits and after her death to pay all to whoever she names in her will or by writing in the nature. Witnesses: Josiah Brogden and Calvin Coor. Registered: May Term 1838. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 17, pg 426

Indenture made 2 Mar 1885 by Wm. E. Starling and wife Nancy Ellen Starling of Wayne to Elizabeth Starling all of Wayne, that said W. E. Starling and wife Nancy E. Starling paid by Elizabeth Starling in consideration of $150 for land in Wayne adjoining G. W. Starling, H. R. Mitchell and others being the share allotted to said W. Starling in the division of his father's lands adjacent to Gum Branch containing 37 1/5 acres. Registered: 5 Dec 1885. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 55, pg 301

Deed made 12 Feb 1886 by A. M. Prince and wife D. J. Prince to Joel Lewis all of Wayne, for $1100 land in Wayne adjoining the lands of W. J. King, Isaac King and John Davis adjacent to a poplar in Gum Branch, Elizabeth Starlings line, Bee Branch, Ann Jennette line, S. C. H. Brogdens (now L. D. Gulleys line) containing 100 acres. Recorded: 19 Feb 1886. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 57, pg 88

Deed made 24 Dec 1886 between Elizabeth Starling and Geo. W. Starling both of Wayne, for $150 land in Wayne adjoining Geo. W. Starling, H. R. Mitchell and others adjacent to the run of Gum Branch, stake in the old path containing 37 1/2 acres. Registered: 27 Dec 1886. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 57, pg 268