Bethana Lewis Martin
Daughter of Urban & Susan Casey Lewis

"Fifthly at the death of my wife Susan I give and bequeath unto my seven daughters viz Eliza Martin, Polly Martin, Fanny Denmark, Bethena Lewis, Patience Lewis, Susan Lewis & Elizabeth Lewis, all the remainder of my estate herein before loaned to my wife Susan, to be equally divided between them". Will of Urban Lewis, 1847

Bethana was born May 11, 1821 and died April 7, 1898 and married Henderson Martin. She is buried in Martin Family Cemetery

1860 Wayne County, NC Census; Buck Swamp
Henderson Martin, age 48, farmer, real estate value $1200, personal estate value $500
Bethany, 39
Mary E., 12
Elias J., 11
John W., 9
Alice E., 7
David S., 6
Susan M., 4
Charity, 2
Margaret, 1/12

1870 Wayne County, NC Census; Brogden
Henderson Martin, age 50, male, white, farmer, $1,550 real estate, $888 personal
Bethenia, 50, keep house
James, 22, on farm
John W., 20, on farm
Allice, 18,
Samuel, 16, on farm
Susan, 14
Charity, 12
Margaret, 10
Irvin, 9, male, white
W. L. Hudson, 22, teaching school

Henderson Martin Will, 1877

28 May 1878 - Wayne County Superior Court: Bethany Martin vs Mary E. Harrell, Et al
In this cause the report of the Jury summoned to assign dower to the plaintiff, Bethany Martin having been returned and there being no exceptions thereto the same is in all reports confirmed and ordered to be recorded and registered June 13, 1878. Recorded June 21, 1878. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 43, pg 197. Images

Urban Lewis 1847 Estate - Inventory & account of sales of perishable & personal estate taken on the 25th day of Feby 1847 by John Lewis his Executor & disposed of in accordance of the will of said deceased viz. Account of sales Feby 25th 1847 at six months credit
1 saw and pigs to Henderson Martin - $5.15
1 do and yearling to Henderson Martin - $6.30

October 10, 1860 - Account of Sales of the property of Susan Lewis sold by John Lewis this the 10th day of Octr AD 1860
One bason & bole to Henderson Martin
3 lots of crockery to Henderson Martin
1 milk pail to Henderson Martin
lot bed covers to H Martin
1 side board to H Martin
1 clock to H Martin
NC Archives

From Susan Wintin
This is a typed copy of a true copy with notarized seal.


This is to certify that I, L. Polk Denmark, personally remember the many visits to our home by my grandmother Patience Lewis Denmark, that all my life I have known that her sister Bethania Lewis married Henderson Martin of Mount Olive, North Carolina, and that when my father, James William Denmark returned from the Civil War in 1865, at the age of 18, he left the farm near Dudley, North Carolina, and lived for a year with "Uncle Henderson and Aunt Theny Martin," so he could attend the school there with the Martin children. In the January 1911, issue of the Wake Forest Student (Benefactor' Number,) page 373, in his autobiography he tells about this move toward gaining his education.

I furthermore certify that I personally abstracted the records of Wayne County Will Book R. 9 - Page 460, and Deed Book 10, Page 44, from the records in the State Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina.

L. Polk Denmark

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 9th day of February, 1950.

Virginia S. Herring

Indenture made March 1, 1843 between William Carraway and John Lewis both of Wayne, for $450 land in Wayne on both sides of Sleepy Creek adjacent to the south side of Doctor's Road, meadow at Slocums corner and containing 225 acres. Witnesses: Urban Lewis and Henderson Martin; Nov'r Term 1844. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 19, pg 385.

Indenture made 11 Jun 1853 between Gideon M. Roberts and Henderson Martin both of Wayne, for $580 land in Wayne on the run of Thunder Swamp containing 177 acres. Witnesses: W. Edwards and Nathan B. Parker. Registered: 22 Nov 1854. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 24, pg 35

Indenture made 8 Dec 1866 between John Cameron and Henderson Martin both of Wayne, for $1,800 land in Wayne on the south west side of Oats Marsh Branch, Thomas Lee and others, bridge across Oats Marsh, below the old mill dam, Martins line, head of Bradys Branch containing 94 1/2 acres. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 27, pg 695

Deed made 28 Oct 1871 between Henderson Martin and Bright Lamb all of Wayne, for $232 land in Wayne adjacent to Simon Herrings line containing 50 5/8 acres. Witnesses: W. G. Hollowell and J. B. Baker. Registered: 1 Nov 1871. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 32, pg 46

Indenture made 23 Feb 1877 between Willis Martin and wife Sarah E. Martin of the one part and Henderson Martin of the other part all of Wayne, for $275 land in Wayne in Brogden Township adjoining the lands of Simon Herring, Joseph B. Oliver, Young Knowles and others on the west side of the Wilmington Railroad near Mt. Olive adjacent to the run of Oats Marsh, Bradys Branch containing 50 1/8 acres and known as Lot No 8 in the division of the lands of Wait G. Martin dec'd. Witness name illegible. No registered date. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 42, pg 52