Laban Lewis

Greene & Wayne Counties, NC
b. 19 Nov 1785 - d. bef. 15 May 1831
Son of William Lewis born 1761

Laban Lewis lived in the Sleepy Creek area of Wayne and was a neighbor of his brother Urban. At the time of his death at 46 years of age his real estate consisted of two tracts of land in Wayne on which said Laban Lewis lived containing between 250-300 acres being on Sleepy Creek and was conveyed to said Laban by his father William Lewis by Deed and the other tract contains about 400 acres lying on Sleepy Creek conveyed to said Laban by Joseph Everitt and adjoins the first tract.

Laban Lewis Bible Record

Laban Lewis Crowd

A list of the Taxable property in Captain Gradys District for the year 1810 taken this 22nd of June 1810; Persons Name, # Acres Land, # White Pole, # Black Pole
Labin Lewis, 161, 1, -

Ordered - that Letters of Administration issue for Laban Lewis's Estate - 15 May 1831

Laban Lewis Estate Sale, 15 Nov 1831

1831 - Mourning Lewis, widow of Laban Lewis Petition for Dower.

August Term 1831 - Mourning Lewis and her family were allotted a year's Provisions. NC Archives

1836 - Mourning Lewis Estate Sale. She is thought to be the daughter of Simon Herring.

Indenture made August 21, 1836 between Joseph Everett of the first part and Lecy Lewis, Rebecca Lewis, Lucy Lewis, Betsey Lewis, Laney Lewis, Wright Lewis, Jane Lewis and Morning Lewis the lawful heirs of Laban Lewis dec'd of the second part, for $300 land in Wayne lying on Sleepy Creek adjacent to a patent granted to John Beck for 200 acres, Needham Basses corner, Wm Whitfield's corner, Solomon Herring's patent line and containing 500 acres. Witnesses: Jno A Green and Wm Thompson. Registered: Nov'r Term 1836, Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 17, pg 115 - Images

Indenture made August 6, 1838 between William H. Caswell and Lucy Reaves wife of Robert Reaves, Nancy J. Lewis, Lany Lewis, Wright Lewis and Mourning Lewis heirs at law of Laban Lewis deceased all of Wayne, for $100 land in Wayne on the waters of Sleepy Creek adjacent to patent granted to John Beck, Needham Bass corner, William Whitfield's corner, Solomon Herring patent line and containing 400 acres, land William H. Caswell claimed as heir at law of Benja H. Caswell deceased. Witnesses: John Everitt and James Griswold. Registered: August Term 1838. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 18, pg 7 - Images

Laban W. Lewis - Guardianship, 1844

Laban W. Lewis - Witness, 1848

Appointment of US Postmasters, 1832-1971 From Will Crump
Dis(trict) Sleepy Creek, Laban W. Lewis, 6 Dec 1854

Laban W. Lewis - Appointed Road Overseer, 1858

Benjn. Rollins to Louisa Lewis on 9 April 1871 Page 22
Parents of Bride: Labon W. Lewis and Zilph Lewis
Place of Marriage: Indian Springs Church
Married by: W.F. Broadhurst, J.P.
Marriage Register 1867-1872, Wayne County, NC

Not in 1820 Wayne County Census

Wayne County, NC 1830 Census - Capt. Reason's District
Labin Lewis (age 45, died next year)
1 M under 5
2 M 5-9
1 M 15-19
2 M 40-49
1 F under 5
3 F 5-9
4 F 10-14
3 F 15-19
1 F 30-39
2 F 40-49

On 12 Nov 1806 Simon Herring sold 161 acres for 50 pounds to William Lewis (both of Duplin), land in Wayne on both sides of the south prong of Sleepy Creek. On 1 May 1809 William sold 161 acres for 50 pounds with the same description to Laban Lewis.

Nov 6, 1815, North Carolina - Survey'd for Laben Lewis a tract of land in Wayne County containing 30 acres which he entered the 2nd day of Aug 1815 on the south side of Sleepy Creek Beg'n at a pine Wm. Kelleys corner in Urbane Lewis line and runs with Urbane Lewis line Et 144 pole to a stake and pinetree then N 33 pole to a stake in his own line then with his own line Wt 144 pole to a stake in sd Kelleys line then with his line S 33 pole to the first station. Britton Hood Surveyor. Chair bearers: Jas. Tindell and Urbane Lewis.
No. 1074 - Laben Lewis - Grant No. 2035, 30 acres; Entered 2 Aug 1815 - Issued 4 Dec 1815
Book No. 129, Page No. 480. Location, On S. side of Sleepy Creek joining his own line and others. NC Archives, Secretary of State microfilm

Indenture made March 23, 1822 between Urban Lewis and Laban Lewis both of Wayne, for $36.25 land Wayne adjacent to the dividing line between Urban Lewis and Basil Kornegay, Bass' patent, Laban Lewis line and containing 14 1/2 acres. Witnesses: James Griswold and Ulle Lewis. Registered: May Term 1823. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 12, pg 385 - Image

Indenture made October 23, 1823 between Frederick Herring and Laban Lewis both of Wayne, for $125 land in Wayne it being the Dower of the widow Elizabeth Caswell (now the wife of Henry Carraway) on Sleepy Creek adjacent to William Whitfield's corner and containing 133 acres. Witnesses: James Griswold and Susan Griswold. Registered: February Term 1826. Wayne County, NC Register of Deeds; Bk 13, pg 73 - Image

Lewis Deeds in Wayne County