Potts in Early Virginia

Cavaliers and Pioneers
Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents & Grants

Volume One, 1623-1666

Nicholas Wattkins, 130 acs. James City Co., Oct 5, 1645, page 55. Lyeing upon the head of Archers Hope Cr., adj. George Wyatt & land formerly belonging to Capt. Francis Potts, 100 acs. purchased from Capt. Richard Popley July 13, 1642 & 30 acs. for trans. of 1 per

Edmond Scarburgh, Junr., 2,000 acs. Northampton Co., 12 Aug. 1649, p. 178. Being at a little creek on the Ewd. side of an old Indian field, running down Occahannocke Cr. bounded on the Swd. part therewith, W. part by the maine bay & on the Nwd. part by Craddockes Cr., formerly called Nundue. Trans. of 40 pers: Lacrecia Potts & others.

Abraham Moon, 1,700 acs. Lancaster Co., last of Mar. 1653, p. 69. Upon S. Side of Rappa. Riv. oposite land of Lady Chichley; bounded S.E. along Lady Chisleys land till it cometh to land of Capt. William Brocas, Esqr. &c N.W. & N. Upon Nyemock Cr. & N.E. to beg., being down the sd. Cr. upon land of the aforesaid. Lady Chisley alis. Sir Henry Chichley. Due for trans for 34 pers: Thomas Potts, others.

John Phips (Phyps), 120 acs. James City Co., 23 Feb 1656, p. 69, (101). Part thereof in James Cittyes Lybertyes," beg. on the N. side of the backe street; formerly granted unto Dr. Jno. Potts, 20 Sept. 1628 & by Capt. Potts, heir of said Dr. Potts, assigned unto Robert Bristow & by Joane, the relict of sd. Bristow, assigned unto Edward Prince, who assigned unto William Parry, who assigned to Sir Wm. Berkeley, & by him assigned unto sd. Phips. 108 acs. on a new tytle, beg. at Eastermost cor. of the first survey bounded by land of Mr. Richard James on the N. side & the branch of Pitch & Tarr Swamp, Ely. to a point of high land on Mr. Edwrd Travers land, on E. & S. with land of Lancelott Elay &c. Trans. of 3 pers: Eliz. Leichfield, Jonas Page.

Robert Windley, 500 acs. at the seaboard side, near Matchepungo, called by the name of Allens Quarter, bounding Ely. on a neck of Thomas Hannans, Wly. towards Occahannock, Nly. on a br. of Matchepungo Riv. parting this from land of Capt. Francis Potts. 12 Apr. 1661, p. (466). Trans. of 10 pers.

John Evans, 400 acs. N'ampton Co., 12 Apr. 1661, p. (467). Near Matchepungo Cr. & adj. Wly. on land of Captain Francis Potts. Trans of 8 pers.

John Smith, 500 acs. Accomacke Co., 5 Apr. 1666, p. 490, (600). Bounded on S. & E. by two branches of Machepungo Cr. & on the N. by a right line parting this from land of Timothy Coe. Sd. land being a Southern parte of 1500 acs. granted to Capt. Francis Potts 24 Jan. 1653 & since confirmed to Lt. Co.. Wm. Kendall 29 May 1661, who assiged to sd. Smith.

John Eyre, Thomas Eyre, Daniell Eyre, sons of Mr. Thomas Eyre, dec'd., 1600 acs. N'ampton Co., adj. W. E. upon Smith's Is., land of Lt. Col. William Kendall in possession of Neale Mackmilllon; 6 Oct 1670, p. 313, 1500 acs called Goulden Quarter, granted to John Neale, Merch't, dec'd., 18 Jun 1636, assigned to Thomas Deacon & Morris Tomson & Companie of the Ship Rebecca, & by Mr. William Whitby & Thomas Platt, Attys. of sd. Deacon, Tomson & Co., assigned to Capt. Francis Pott 2 Jun 1646 & ack. & by George Fletcher before the Gov'r & Counsell 9 Dec 1652, & by sd. Pott divised by will unto Susana his relict, mother of sd. John, Thomas & Daniell Eyres, now the wife of sd. Kendall & by the joynt & severall consents of Kendall & wife granted to the above named patentees 31 Mar 1662 & since that released & confirmed to them by William Foster & Margaret his wife, sole daughter & heire of sd. John Neale, 9 Jul 1668; 100 acs. due sd. Kendall for trans. of 2 pers., & assigned to sd. patentees above, viz: Ann Stacye, Tho. Sans(?).

Arthur Upshott, 200 acs., Accomack Co., in Matchapungo Neck N. E. towards Machapreage to N. E. side of Ann Dymon's field; including all the farme & parsonage marsh, &c; 28 Sep 1664, p. 372. 1000 acs. part of a greater devdt. belonging to & deserted by Capt. Pott; 1000 acs. formerly belonging to & deserted by Mr. George Marsh, being part of 3500 acs. taken up & deserted by sd. Capt. Pott; by order of Court 18 Oct 1660 confirmed to Wm. Kendall, who assigned to sd. Upshott.

Edwd. Revell, 1950 acs. N'ampton Co., the great neck of the Matomkins, on the seabord side bet. the creeks of Gr. Matomkin on the N., & a middle cr. of same on the S., &c; 23 Mar. 1671/2, p. 392. Trans. of 39 pers: Richd. Pott and others.

Mr. Jonas Liscomb, 432 a., 1 R., 7 P., Chas. City Co.; Westopher Par; S. side of James Riv., 16 Apr. 1683, p. 252. Adj. Major John Stith. Trans of 9 pers. Hen. Pott and others.

John Collins, 1550 acs., Up. Par. of Surry Co., bet. Cyprus Sw. & maine Blackwater, 27 Apr. 1686, p. 511. Adj. Col. Brown, Wm. Foreman, near Mr. Warren's line; Mr. Merywether; John Coker; Mr. Henry Baker; & Capt. Corker, &c. Trans of 31 pers: Fra. Pott and others.

Volume Two, 1666-1695

Col. Wm. Kendall, 268 acs., Accomack Co., near Matchepungoe; bet. Col. Edmd. Scarburgh & Capt. Fra. Potts, along land of Edwd. Hitchins to lines of Wm. Wouldhave; &c. 8 Apr 1674, p. 510. Trans. of 5 pers: Wm. Morgan, Tho. Peirce; Bess, Kate, Wm., Tom - Negroes.

Richard Garretson, 268 acs., Accomack Co., neer Matchepungo; bet. Capt. Fra. Potts' 1500 acs., surveyed by Col. Edmund Scarburgh, & a line made since by order, &c; adj. Edward Hutchins & William Wouldhave; 23 Apr 1688, p. 647. Granted Col. William Kendoll, 8 Apr 1674, deserted & now granted by order &c Trans. of 6 pers: Tho. James, Roger Rely, Jno. Moss, Job. Jaquis, Sarah Neuton, Hester Bayly.

John Custis, Esqr., 2600 acs., being all Smith's Island; in N'ampton Co; including all the long sandy beach, &c; 28 Apr 1691, p. 164. Trans. of 52 pers: Tho. Potts and others.

Phillip May & Thomas Potts (or Petts), of Glocester Co., 376 acs. in Rappa Co; on brs. Gelson's run & Hoskins (Cr) 21 Oct 1687, p. 622. Beg. at an Indian Path 3/4 of a mile from John Roberts, &c.

Volume Three, 1695-1732

William Rives, 422 acs. (N. L.), Pr. Geo. Co; on Blackwater Sw; 19 Dec 1711, p. 51. Adj. John Butler, on the E. side of Unities Br; & Benja. Foster's line. 20 shill., & Imp. of 5 pers: Thomas Potts and others.

John Pleasants, 1385 acs. (N. L.), Henrico Co; N. side of James Riv., 13 Nov 1713, p. 94. Adj. John Woodson, below the mouth of Beaver Dam Cr; & land of Amos Lead. Imp. of 28 pers: Thos. Potts and others.

John Williamson, 400 acs. (N. L.), New Kent Co, in St. Pauls Par; bet. W. fork of Cedar Cr., & George Alves' line; beg. at mouth of Cawthon's Br; adj. Capt Nathaniel West; 11 Jul 1719, p. 436. Imp. of 8 pers: Lancelot Potts and others.