Inquisition of Robert Argo
January 16, 1803
Lenoir County, NC

Sue Guptill

State of North Carolina
Lenoir County, January 16th, 1803

Inquision indenterd and taken at the house of the deceased Robert Argo in the county aforesaid the day and year above written, before me Jeremiah Loftin Coronor, of the said county upon view of the body of Robert Argo of the county aforesaid, then and there lying dead and upon the oaths of John Dismond, Foreman, Stringer Potts, Daniel Dismond, John Baker, Markland Wootus, Benjamin Curl, William Jones, Thomas Bond, Azariah Moore, James Ingram, Benjamin Parrott and William Baker all good and lawfull men of the said county of Lenoir who being charged and sworn to inquire how and in what manner the said Robert Argo by his death came upon their oaths do say that on the 16 day of January 1803, and at the place aforesaid, Little Berry Wilson late of Lenoir County by force of arms did assault and beat the said Robert Argo being then and therein in the peace of god, and of the state aforesaid, and that the Said Little Berry Wilson, did by the wounds and bruses which he gave the said deceased body which is now before us was the occasion of his death and that he did it, intentionly and willingly and that the said Little Berry Wilson is fled and that he has not been purjured by hire & cry.

Testimony whereof as well the said Coroner, as the juriers aforesaid to this Inquisition have severally put our Hands & Seals the day and year and place above mentioned.

John Dismond Forman
William Jones
Thomas Bond
Stringer Potts
Azariah Moore
Daniel Dismond
James Ingram
John Baker
Benjamin Parrot
Markland Wootus
William Baker
Benj Curl
Jerh Loftin Coroner