Drury Ann Potts Deed, 1823
Cumberland County, NC

Cumberland County, NC Register of Deeds
Book 34, page 534

5 Mar 1823 - William Lord deed to Mrs. Drury Ann Potts Mother & Guardian to Lenore Potts, Elizabeth Potts & Francis Skinner Potts, minors under the age of 16 years - $50 - land in Cumberland County in the town of Fayetteville on the west side of Robeson Street and south side of Mumford Street (being part of Lot No. 2 in Barge & Robeson plan) along with all the woods, ways, waters & water courses to the proper use & behoof of the said Lenore Potts, Elizabeth Potts & Francis S. Potts.
Witness Thomas J. Robeson
June Term 1823 ordered to be registered