Daughety and Dunn Y-DNA

Y-DNA passes down virtually unchanged from father to son. Testing can be used to trace a direct paternal line. About DNA tests

Three direct line male descendants of Walter Dunn, Jr. (1788-1850) have tested with FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) and match other males whose ancestors have the Daughety/Daugherty surname. It is not known how or when the Daughety DNA was introduced into this Dunn line. All that is known is it occurred before Walter's birth in 1788.

There are many variations in the spelling of the Daughety surname.

A couple of people connected to FTDNA and experienced in Y-DNA analysis have stated the following:

Zack Daugherty: SAPP is projecting 1450 (1300-1600 AD) to common ancestor for this Potts/Dunn cluster and pre-colonization of U.S.

Michael D Lacopo: Keep in mind that the SAPP analysis shows a likely common ancestor of those tested to be pre-colonization. Apparently, since descendants of Walter Dunn have a Daugherty-signature Y-DNA, a Daughetry factors into the paternal line in 1788 or earlier. This could be 1488 as easily as it could be 1788. Your Daugherty connection could still be in America, but the pertinent individuals have not tested. If there are Daughertys lurking in the right place at the right time within the Dunn families' cohorts, Y-DNA testing male descendants of those Daugherty men may be of benefit.

Ironically, there were Daughetys in Craven County, NC in the mid to late 1700's around the same time as Newman Dunn and family. According to family historian Donna Hart, these Daughetys descended from Owen O'Dohgerty b. 1640 in Donegal, Ireland who migrated to America to Norfolk County, VA and later his descendants relocated to Craven as early as 1743. The Dunns lived near New Bern while the Daughetys lived in the northwestern part of the county bordering Pitt, Greene and Lenoir counties. Sometimes families migrated together but none of the following records indicate any interactions between the two family groups.

Daughetys in Virginia

Craven County, NC

Daughetys in Court

Daughety Deeds, 1753-1799

Owen Daugherty Deed, 1762

Daughetys in 1779 Tax List

Owen Daugherty Will, 1785

Owen Daugherty Estate, 1785

Daniel Daugherty Will & Estate, 1791

Willis Daugherty Estate, 1809

Owen Daugherty Estate, 1815

Daugherty Marriage Bonds

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