Winsett, Jones and Jarman Deeds
Jones County, NC

Robert Winsett, son of Ignatious and Frances Maria Hackley Winsett, married Milley Jones, daughter of William Jones from Jones County, NC.

William Jones had sons John, James, Hardy, Frederick, Jonas and William. Some of the same Jones names appear in the following deed abstracts.

Jones County, NC was formed in 1779 from Craven County.

Abstracts of the Records of Jones County, NC, 1779-1868, Volume 1
by Zae Hargett Gwynn

29 Mar 1783 - William Jones of Dobbs Co, NC gave to his son Hardy Jones of the same place, all the land he owns below Hurricane Branch on south side of Tuckahoe Creek in Dobbs Co. Wits: Robert Winsett, James Jones.

13 Mar 1788 - Insel Spence to Jacob Turner of Dobbs Co., NC for 30 pds 47 acres in Dobbs Co. on N. side of Tuckahoe Creek at mouth of Indigo Branch. Wits: John Price, Robert Winsett.

24 May 1789 - John Winsett to Hall Jarman for 10 pds 50 acres being part of patent to Morgan Baggs, Sept. 26, 1766 on S. side of Tuckahoe Creek. Wits: John Franck, John Winsett.

14 Jan 1790 - John Tarlton Harrison to Joseph Benson of Dobbs Co. for 40 pds 100 acres in Jones Co. on Rattleshake Branch at Randall line. Wits: Joseph Winsett, Robert Winsett, Jacob Turner.

20 Aug 1791 - Frederick Jones to Jonas Jones for 125 pds land on S. side of Tuckahoe Creek which is part of two tracts granted to William Shackleford May 17, 1754; one tract granted to Joseph Jarman Feb 28, 1775, 40 acres in first tract and 20 in second tract both on Alligator Branch. Another tract adjoining these which was granted to John Winsett at land formerly belonging to Joesph Jarman. In all 160 acres. Wts: Robert Winsett, James Jones.

23 Sep 1792 - Land Entry for John Saul, 640 acres at Robert Winsett's lower corner of his back line joining James Rhodes' and Jones line.

27 Jul 1793 - James Metts of Duplin Co, NC to James Jones of Jones Co, NC for 125 pounds, a negro slave. Wit: Robt. Winsett.

11 Sep 1793 - Robert Southerland of Duplin Co, NC to James Jones of Jones Co, NC for (no amt given), a negro woman. Wit: Jacob Johnson.

27 Nov 1793 - Land Grant No. 498 to Robert Winsett for 40 acres on Tuckahoe Creek at John Williams' and Jacob Rhodes' lines and at intersection of said Rhodes' and Winsett's lines.

19 Nov 1794 - Robert Winsett to Jacob Rhodes for 20 pds 40 acres on Tuckahoe Creek at Rhodes' line, Winsett's line and also 10 acres at Robert Winsett's line on Tuckahoe Creek. Wits: Jos. Winsett, James Rhodes.

17 Nov 1795 - John Saul Jr. to Robert Winsett for 500 pds 640 acres on S. side of Tucker's creek on Alligator Branch at site of New road. Wits: Jacob Rhodes, James Rhodes.

17 Feb 1796 - Robert Winset to Lewis Johnston, saddler, for 120 pds a slave. Wits: John Winsett, Jacob Johnston.

12 Nov 1796 - Robert Winsett to Jacob Rhodes for 150 pds 258 acres on S. side of Tuckahoe Creek at Amyer's Branch, Vineyard meadow. Wits: Joseph Winsett, James Rhodes.

12 Nov 1796 - Robert Winsett to James Rhodes for 150 pds 237 acres on S. side of Tuckahoe Creek at Alligator Branch to line made by Robert Winsett and James Rhodes. Wits: Joseph Prescott, Jacob Rhodes.

11 Nov 1797 - Lemuel Williams of Onslow Co, NC to Joseph Winsett for 150 pds a negro slave. Wits: John Kinsey. Reg. Feb, 1798.

20 Apr 1801 - Robert Winsett to James Rhodes for $640 a negro called Cato. Wits: James Jones Jr., Wm. Rhodes.

5 Apr 1804 - Robert Winsett to James Rhodes for 5 pds, three and a half acres being part of two tracts granted Feb. 28, 1775 to Joseph Jarman and the other Dec. 15, 1778 adjoining Joseph Jarman's land. Wits: Joseph Winsett, Enoch Johnston.

18 Jun 1804 - Joseph Winsett to James Rhodes for 290 pds, 2 negroes. Wits: Jacob Rhodes, Robert Winsett, John Johnston.

21 Feb 1805 - Robert Winsett to James Rhodes for 600 pounds, part of several tracts of land on both sides of Tuckahoe Creek. The 1st tract contains 100 acres and was granted to John Philyaw. The 2nd tract adjoining on south side of Tuckahoe Creek, at Winsett's own line and containing 16 acres being part of two tracts granted to Joseph Jarman. Another tract adjoining Jacob Rhodes' line containing 100 acres granted to Robert Winsett. Also part of another tract at James Rhodes' and Robert Winsett's lines at line of deed given by Winsett to Rhodes containing 145 acres. Also a tract of 66 acres granted to William Perry. Also part of a tract on Jumping Run near mouth of Great Brach containing 40 acres. In all 467 acres. Wits: Isaac Ramsey, Jonas Jones, Lewis Jones. Perhaps Robert was selling his property before he left for Williamson Co, TN.

30 Oct 1805 - Jonas Jones to Jacob Rhodes for 250 pds two slaves, woman 18 years old called Cloe, and negro boy, 11 months, George. Wits: Henry Brown, James Rhodes.

30 Oct 1805 - James Rhodes to Jonas Jones for 290 pds, a woman named Bess and boy Dick. Wits: Henry Brown, Jacob Rhodes.

There are no more deeds for Robert Winsett after 21 Feb 1805 in Jones County, NC. A family historian, Tina Winsett Seitz, has Robert's death date as Oct. 1812, Williamson County, TN.