Robert Winsett Will of 1812
Williamson County, TN

Williamson County Archives, Franklin, TN

Will written 13 May 1812, recorded October Session 1812 or 1813, Williamson Co, TN

At the top of this document the year is shown as 1813 and at the bottom it is shown as 1812

29 Dec 1812 Inventory returned Jany Session 1813 - Mille, Amos & William Winsett Executors

Slaves mentioned: man called Jim about 20 years old; man called Jack about 19 years old; woman called Rachel about 18 years old; one Negro family child called Hannah born June the 25th, 1812.

22 May 1823 Account of Sales, Amos Winsett Executor - it's possible this could have been after the death of Milley Winsett since it was 10 years after the Inventory. The widow is usually one of the buyers but her name is not listed in the sale.

Jarman, Jason, Amos, Silas, Daniel, Asa, Williams, Jonas and Wiley Winsett names mentioned along with Daniel and Stringer Potts.

30 Dec 1825 Estate Settlement, Amos Winsett Executor

Elizabeth, Nancy, Jason, Wiley, Asey, William, Amos and Silas Winsett names mentioned along with Stringer Potts.