Henry Potts, 1805-1838

1837 - Henry Potts, son of Daniel and Elizabeth Stevens Potts, Bk 17-748 #14470, Dec. 26, 1837, 14 Acres & 12 poles, on Steward's Creek, Begin at ash at John Reed's SE corner of a 50 acre tract, then W 91 poles to a stake at his SW corner, then S 22 poles to a stake at Daniel Potts' NW corner NW corner, then with Potts line 86 poles to white oak, then 52 poles to stake on N side of a branch, then E 5 poles to stake, then N 74 poles to the beginning, surveyed Oct. 5, 1837.

Wills and Inventories of Rutherford County, Tennessee, 1828-1840, Vol. 2
by Helen C. & Timothy R. Marsh

5 Sep 1838 - Henry Potts deceased - Inventory of the property of Henry Potts deceased. Several items listed also several notes listed to several named persons including S(illegible-Stringer?) Potts. Signed by James E. Webb, admr. The amount of property sold at Henry Potts deceased, 21st September 1838. Several items listed as sold to several named persons including Elizabeth Potts, Daniel Potts, George Potts, and E. Potts. Signed by James E. Web, admr. Rec: 7 Dec 1838.

10 Sep 1838 - Will of Abraham Haynes mentions leaving 40 acres to his wife adjoining the south boundary line of the cotton field, the knob cotton field to Daniel Potts line, Beasley's corner. 21 Sep 1838 - Henry Potts deceased, years provision to widow. We have proceeded to set apart to Elizabeth Potts widow of Henry Potts deceased so much of the crop and provisions on hand as will support her and family one year from the death of her said husband Henry Potts. We set apart to her pork, corn, wheat, salt, cotton, sugar, coffee and oats. Signed by John Covington, Roger Snell and John Brockman.

Carl Greenway

6 Mar 1849 (Rutherford Co Will Bk 15, p 27) Henry Potts dec'd estate settlement with William H. Haynes, guardian for minor heirs Sylvanus Potts and James H. Potts, received from D. D. Wendel Clk their part of land of Daniel Potts dec'd administrator George Potts.

1 Jan 1853 (Rutherford Co Will Bk 17, p 164) Henry Potts dec'd estate settlement with Wm. A. (sic) Haynes guardian for Sylvanus Potts who came of age 1 Jan 1853.

Daniel Potts Family by Carl F. Greenway