Potts and Dunns of Craven,
Lenoir, Onslow and Wayne Counties, NC

This website is dedicated to my ancestor Miss Charity Potts of Lenoir County, NC who had three children between 1819-1832: Newman, Hannah and Lucius Potts. Autosomal DNA tests confirm she was from the Robert Potts family. Y-DNA tests confirm Walter Dunn Jr. was the father of Newman Potts.

The Story of Kinston & Lenoir County - Some of the early settlers of Lenoir County, NC were Robert Potts and Francis Stringer, others.

A 1781 Dobbs County Deed references Robert Potts owned land "on the north side of Neuce River and on the east side of Jerico Branch". Map

Robert had two proven sons, Stringer and Stephen Potts and all three men were listed in the 1769 Dobbs County, NC Tax List. Another probable son was Pleasant Potts who was shown in deeds and the 1800 census to be a neighbor of Stringer Potts.

The children of Robert from Onslow County, NC are being included due to his owning land and a witness to documents in the county and Stringer's ownership of land there also.

Robert Potts, Lenoir-Onslow
     Stringer Potts, Lenoir-Onslow
          Daniel Potts, Rutherford County, TN
                William Stevens Jr., Williamson County, TN
                Potts, Stephens/Stevens & Winsetts, Williamson County, TN
                Stephens/Stevens Marriages, Williamson County, TN
         Robert Potts, Tennessee-Illinois-Arkansas
                Early Winsett Family, Dobbs County, NC
                Winsett Family, NC to TN
                William Jones Family, Jones County, NC
                Winsett, Jones and Jarman Deeds, Jones County, NC
                David and Elizabeth Jones, NC - Rutherford County, TN
     Pleasant Potts, Lenoir
           Susanna Potts, Lenoir
           Lucy Potts & Lewis Faulkner, Lenoir
           James Potts, Lenoir
           Mary Potts, Lenoir
     Stephen Potts, Lenoir, Onslow
     Petition Naming Daughters, Onslow
     Priscilla Potts & Abraham Haney, Onslow
     Mary Potts & John Jones, Onslow
     Sophiah Potts, Onslow
     Barshaba Potts, Onslow
         Morris Potts, Onslow

Potts Tombstones
Potts Census & Neighbors

Charity Potts, Lenoir
      Newman Potts, Lenoir-Wayne
           Potts Family Cemetery, Wayne
           Jones Family Cemetery, Wayne
      Lucius Potts, Lenoir-Jones
      Hannah Potts Laroque, Lenoir

Daughety-Dunn Y DNA

William Dunn, Virginia
     Newman Dunn, Virginia-Craven
          Walter Dunn Sr. Craven-Lenoir
                Newman Dunn Lenoir-Pitt
                John Patrick Dunn Lenoir
                Walter Dunn Jr. Lenoir
                     Sarah Eliza Dunn Rhem
                     John Quincy Dunn
                     Mary Elizabeth Dunn LaRoque
                     Susan Caroline Dunn McKinne Nicols
                     Martha Ann Judson Dunn Rountree
                     William Walter Dunn
                     Cynthia Ann Jane Dunn Tull
                     Theresa Frances Dunn Chadwick
                     Rachel Almira Dunn Cox
                     Helen Melissa Dunn Bagby

Dunn Cemetery & Photos
Dunn Census & Neighbors
Dunn Deeds, Estates and Wills

Unknown Potts in Lenoir and other eastern North Carolina counties near Lenoir County

Charlotte (Charity?) Potts, Lenoir
Elizabeth & Mary E. Potts, Lenoir
Francis & Drury Ann Potts, Lenoir-Cumberland
Polley Potts, Lenoir
Robert Potts, Lenoir
Selathial Potts, Lenoir-Onslow
William Potts, Lenoir
John Potts, Johnston-Dobbs
Robert B., W. H. & J. D. Potts, Wayne
John H. & Hannah Hubbard Potts, Craven
William A. Potts & Josephine C. Latham, Craven
Ralph Potts, Beaufort
Jesse Potts, Cumberland
John Potts, Northampton
Joshua Potts, Northampton-New Hanover
Oswell Potts, Warren
George C. Potts, Wayne
Lucas Potts, Wayne

Dr. Francis Stringer
Lenoir Co, NC History
County Formations

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