Robert Potts
(b. before 1717 - d. after 1769)
Lenoir-Onslow County, NC

Stringer's Ferry

The Story of Kinston & Lenoir County and Kinston-200 Year Anniversary.
Early Settlers in Lenoir County, NC were Robert Atkins, Francis Stringer, Lazarus Turner, John Gatlin, Thomas Dick, William Bond, Job Ives, Henry Owens, Thomas Box, Moses Tilghman, Robert Potts, Jonathan Bang, Michael Rasure, Jacob and Nathaniel Parrott, John Wiggins, the McIllweans, the Rouses, the Turners, the Ramseys, the Brights, the Carruthers, the Slocumbs, the Lintons, the Hayes, the Taylors and the Williamses.

The following map shows the general area on the northeast side of the Town of Kinston in Lenoir County, NC where the Potts families lived.

A - Briery Run
B - Loosing Swamp
C - Stonyton Creek
D - Faulkner Road
E - Jericho Run (Branch)
F - Walter Dunn Jr. Homeplace at time of death
G - Tower Hill
H - Flat Branch - deed mentions branch was "back of Pleasant Potts place"
I - Neuse River

A Dobbs County Deed references Robert Potts owned land "on the north side of Neuce River and on the east side of Jerico Branch conveyed to him by Francis Stringer" some time after November 1738.

Because of county changes over the years, the Lenoir County Potts lived in four counties without moving: Craven, Johnston, Dobbs and Lenoir. Dobbs and Lenoir County courthouses burned leaving few records for research.

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Robert Potts, Lenoir-Onslow
He had sons Stephen and Stringer Potts and Pleasant Potts was living close by and likely another son of his.


Stringer Potts, Lenoir-Onslow

Daniel Potts, Rutherford County, TN
Robert Potts, Tennessee-Illinois-Arkansas


Stephen Potts, Lenoir, Onslow

Pleasant Potts, Lenoir

Susanna Potts, Lenoir
Lucy Potts & Lewis Faulkner, Lenoir
James Potts, Lenoir
Mary Potts, Lenoir

Petition Naming Daughters

Priscilla Potts & Abraham Haney, Onslow

Mary Potts & John Jones, Onslow

Barshaba Potts, Onslow

Morris Potts, Onslow

Sophiah Potts, Onslow

Charity Potts, Lenoir

Newman Potts, Lenoir-Wayne
Lucius Potts, Lenoir-Jones
Hannah Potts Laroque, Lenoir
Walter Dunn Jr. & Sr., Craven-Lenoir
Newman Dunn, Craven

Potts Census & Neighbors

Dunn Census & Neighbors

Unknown Potts in eastern North Carolina counties near Lenoir County

Charlotte (Charity?) Potts, Lenoir

Elizabeth & Mary E. Potts, Lenoir

Francis & Drury Ann Potts, Lenoir-Cumberland

Polley Potts, Lenoir

Robert Potts, Lenoir

Selathial Potts, Lenoir-Onslow

William Potts, Lenoir

John Potts, Johnston-Dobbs

Robert B., W. H. & J. D. Potts, Wayne

John H. & Hannah Hubbard Potts, Craven

William A. Potts & Josephine C. Latham, Craven

Ralph Potts, Beaufort

Jesse Potts, Cumberland

Joshua Potts, Northampton-New Hanover

Oswell Potts, Warren

Lenoir Co, NC History

County Formations

Cy Potts Surnames

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